ULTRA Bone Relief Spray for Bone Repair - Dr Kez Chirolab
ULTRA Bone Relief Spray for Bone Repair - Dr Kez Chirolab
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ULTRA Bone Relief Spray for Bone Repair - Dr Kez Chirolab

ULTRA Bone Relief Spray for Bone Repair

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About this product

Bone Relief Spray for Bone Repair

ULTRA Bone Relief Homeopathic Spray stimulates the bone repair of damaged bones. This includes bruised or broken bones, fractures, or bone spur repairs. All of these conditions require healing blood cells to flow to the area to reduce inflammation and begin the bone repair process. Pain is almost always a feature of these conditions too, as well as soft tissue damage in the surrounding area. The 14 Homeopathic bone repair remedies in Ultra Bone Relief Homeopathic Spray have been specifically selected with this in mind, to encourage the body to repair the damaged bone as quickly as possible, to be as strong as possible, and to help relieve the ailments associated with this type of injury.

Bone Repair Directions

Spray twice in the mouth, three times daily, or as required. 

Homeopathic bone repair sprays do their best work when absorbed in the mouth on an empty palate. This means avoiding food or drink (with the exception of water) 15 minutes prior to, and after taking your sprays is ideal. This includes chewing gum, brushing your teeth, and drinking coffee.

Approx. 150 sprays per bottle. 

Bone Repair Ingredients and Benefits 

Calcarea Fluorica

  • Assists with elasticity issues as varied as stretch marks, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, stiff or lax ligaments, and muscular weakness
  • Assists healing backache, lumbago, stiff joints, weak ankles, and repeated sprains
  • Assists healing brittle bones and dissolving bone spurs

    Rhus Toxicum

    • Assists with pain and stiffness that is worse on initial movement, gradually improving as motion continues, although too much motion can also aggravate the pain
    • Assists with pain that is worse during sleep and on waking in the morning
    • Particularly good for pain that increases in the cold and improves in the heat
    • Helps with pain on standing for heel spurs
    • Helps to repair the muscles and ligaments covering the heel bone, thus preventing further damage
    • Excellent for pain relief, strengthening muscles and ligaments, and dissolving spurs
    • Assists with injuries that develop stiffness

    Calcarea Phosphorica

    • Important for the skeletal system, teeth, and connective tissues.
    • Assists in healing fractures
    • Great for joint disease, rheumatism, arthritis, and exostoses (such as Osgood Schlatter Disease and Sever’s Disease)


    • Assists in making collagen in our bodies, which assists with joint deterioration, brittle bones, hardening of the arteries, dry skin, inability to digest food properly, weakened teeth and gums, and atrophying organs. 
    • Extremely important in repairing bone damage

    Symphytum Officinale

    • Accelerates callus formation in bone fractures and improves periostitis
    • Lessens bone pain associated with fractures and  periosteal bruising
    • Assists in inflammatory disorders such as bruises, sprains, and pulled ligaments and muscles


    • Assists with injuries when they are hot and swollen, feel worse with slight movement, and when applying heat
    • Relieves with joint pain that is improved by staying immobile and applying pressure
    • Assists with injuries that are aggravated by changes in positions, coughing, turning over in bed, or waking that may cause sharp pain
    • Useful in injuries that cause tearing and excruciating pain
    • Helpful for back pain and injuries

    Ruta Graveolens

    • Assists in healing periosteum and the healing of bone bruises
    • Great assistance in healing bone and tendon issues
    • Helps with swelling, stiffness, and aching
    • Assists in injuries that extend to the Achilles Tendon
    • Assists in injuries that are worse from exertion
    • Helps with lower back pain that is worse when immobile
    • Useful in repetitive sprain injuries (RSI)
    • Assists the capsule and tendons surrounding joints
    • Helps when raising the arm is difficult


    • Injuries that are hot, swollen, and throbbing
    • Alleviates localized swelling
    • Injuries that are acutely painful from jarring and touching
    • Effective analgesia

    Arnica Montana

    • Stimulates wound healing, fracture healing, dislocation, contusions, and hematomas
    • Effective analgesic
    • Injuries that feel bruised and sore
    • Relieves backache and stiffness from overexertion or minor trauma
    • Great for traumatic injuries, including the soft tissue surrounding a broken bone

    Eupatorium Perfoliatum

    • Assists with relieving a deep ache that is at or near the site of a fracture
    • Assists in relieving rheumatism (joint pain) and inflammation

    Bellis Perennis

    • Relieves dislocations, contusions, and soreness
    • Great for traumatic injuries, to improve exudative processes, and to reabsorb oedema

    Hypericum Perforatum

    • Great nerve tonic surrounding the broken or bruised bone
    • Promotes the healing and repair of wounds