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  • Made in Australia

  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

  • Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

About this product

When it comes to breaking or fracturing a bone our priority is a strong, solid repair. A speedy, complete recovery and pain elimination is a close second. 

We have come up with a powerful pack that gives you the benefits of all four of these wonderful products, providing your body with assistance from the inside to heal the bone issue specifically and the surrounding soft tissues, as well as providing the power of herbs and minerals topically to the exact area that needs it most. 

Pack consists of:

1 x Trauma Relief Cream 100g.
1 x Ultra Trauma Relief Homeopathic Spray 30ml.
1 x Bone Aid Relief Cream 100g.
1 x Ultra Bone Aid Homeopathic Spray 30ml.

A bone spur, Osgood Schlatter Disease and Sever’s Disease on the other hand are accompanied by ongoing pain.  In these conditions, the tendon has pulled away at the insertion, creating a bony prominence that requires remineralisation.  The all natural ingredients in the Bone Aid Relief Cream have been selected specifically with this in mind.  To be used directly on the site of bone damage to work from the outside in to assist the body to re-mineralise the damaged bone and re-establish a strong foundation. The ingredients of the Ultra Bone Relief Spray have been chosen to help stimulate bone healing from the inside out. 

Keep in mind that the trauma of a broken bone and the ongoing inflammatory nature of bone spur formation also requires healing to the surrounding soft tissue.  The all natural ingredients in the Trauma Relief Cream are renowned for their ability to assist the body to help reduce inflammation, assist in eliminating bruising, can help reduce muscle tension and assist in decreasing pain.  The Ultra Trauma Relief Spray works this angle from the inside, assisting your body to recover and heal the soft tissue injuries surrounding broken bones and the development of bone spurs.


Bone Aid Relief Cream – apply topically directly over the broken, fractured or bruised bone or over the bone spur specifically 3 times daily.

Trauma Relief Cream – apply topically to the site of pain, bruising, swelling and any muscle tension in the area 3 times daily, or more frequently if required.

Ultra Bone Relief Spray – 2 sprays in the mouth 3 times daily.

Ultra Trauma Relief Spray - 2 sprays in the mouth 3 times daily. If you wake overnight in pain add an additional 2 sprays in the mouth.

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Jimmy C.
Australia Australia
Great for athletes

I work out hard and find that I not only get joint and muscle soreness, but also pinpoint pain on my bones where the muscles attach. I use the trauma cream on the muscles and joints and the bone aid cream on the pinpoint bone pain. Great combo for what I need.

Australia Australia
This stuff helped me run my first marathon

I have been suffering shin splints on and off for over 18 months. It started while training for my first marathon. I didn't get to compete in that event because every time I'd run for over 20km the pain was excruciating. After seeing doctors, physio's, and massage therapists with no results, I consulted with Dr. Kez online and she diagnosed it as shin splints. She suggested this quad pack and I used it religiously for 2 weeks solid. She then recommended a back to training plan and a month later I was running over 20km without any pain. I have since competed in my first marathon and crossed the finish line with only a sore back and a few blisters. Luckily I had my trauma relief spray and cream with me and used it immediately when I got back to the car. The back pain was gone by the time I got home! Love this stuff!

Australia Australia
Works like nothing else for heel spurs

Cycling is my life, but all that time on the bike resulted in me developing pain under my foot that was later diagnosed as a heel spur secondary to plantar fasciitis. I tried many treatments, podiatrist appointments, cortisone, medication and nothing made it any better. Since using this combination of the two sprays and the two types of cream, I have sorted this damn issue out. Do yourself a favour, if you start feeling tightness under your arch start stretching immediately and get onto this quad pack, and give it a chance to heal before it becomes a heel spur, otherwise, you'll end up having to take 6 months off your favourite sport like me and it'll do your head in!! Such a simple solution in the end. Wish I'd know about it earlier!