IMMUNE Essential Oils for Immunity 100% Pure Blend
essential oils for immunity for sale
essential oils for immunity for sale now
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IMMUNE Essential Oils for Immunity 100% Pure Blend

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  • Made in Australia

  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

  • Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

About this product

Essential Oils for Immunity

Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Immunity, IMMUNE 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend includes four essential oils that are known to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties.  Illness can occur at any time throughout the year, but in the colder 🥶months, more and more people end up with runny noses, coughs, and sneezes, 🤧so it is paramount to ensure that your immune system is functioning effectively.   Aromatherapy can help support and reduce the burden on our immune system which is particularly useful when we are feeling run down, stressed, or caring for those who are unwell.    

100% Pure Essential Oils for Immunity - IMMUNE Aromatherapy Blend Contains

Lemon Myrtle, Tea Tree, Rosemary & Eucalyptus.

A few drops in your diffuser or oil burner will release the amazing fragrance. These bottles have a handy dropper for easy use.

Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times to promote feelings of relaxation and calm.  Inhaling pure essential oils can help to alleviate stress, insomnia, and depression.  This natural solution works by stimulating areas within the brain that are responsible for our emotions.

Chemically active essential oils that have been extracted from plants have been inhaled and used topically for centuries for their pleasant scent, disinfectant properties, and their ability to heal.  Today essential oils are used in bath products, massage oils, scented candles, and even household cleaners.  Although these products are frequently enjoyed for their great smell and their ability to make you feel pampered and calm, there is growing evidence of their beneficial therapeutic effect on the body.

Essential Oils for Immunity Beneficial Therapeutic Effect

Lemon Myrtle

  • It may have powerful anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties
  • Can be beneficial in the treatment of throat and skin infections
  • May uplift emotions and has the ability to help soothe both mind and body
  • The combined antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to work exceptionally well for supporting the body to treat sinus and bronchial infections when inhaled
  • Also possesses relaxing and calming properties, which are beneficial to aid in quality sleep.  Good quality sleep is very important for giving your immune system the time and energy it needs to fights pathogens effectively

Tea Tree

  • It may have anti-microbial (against viruses, bacteria, and fungi) and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps with strengthening and stimulating the immune system to help fight off infections
  • Assists with relieving muscle aches associated with illness
  • Tea tree oil doesn’t just provide immune support assistance, it is actually an immune system stimulant assistant.
  • It may be significantly effective against strains of influenza


  • Can have an anti-microbial action (against bacteria, viruses, and fungi)
  • Supports the body to help reduce fever
  • May have the ability to suppress coughs
  • Aids in breaking down mucous to make it easier to expectorate
  • Assists with nervous system stimulant to encourage your body to function at its best
  • Beneficial in helping balance your mood and aids to reduce anxiety
  • It may have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties
  • Aids to dilate the respiratory system to make it easier to breathe


  • One of the best-known remedies for cold and flu
  • Can be beneficial as a treatment as well as a preventative
  • It helps loosens phlegm and relieve congestion

Do not ingest or apply directly to the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.  Keep away from children. Pregnancy or those with a health issue seek medical advice before use. Store in a dark place below 30°C.

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Melissa H.
Australia Australia

Amazing Smell

The Immune Essential Oil had leaked in the post on it’s way to me. I could smell it when I got it out of the letterbox and was sure the postie had benefited from the smell along with all my neighbours. I let the girls know it had leaked and they kindly send another one the same day! Such great service and a fantastic product! The smell is amazing and fresh! Just ask the postie!

Rachel O.
Australia Australia

Amazing smell and great quality!

I absolutely love this product and the smell is incredible! So why do I love it... firstly, a little bit goes such a long way so it is incredible value for money. Secondly, we are using this oil in our diffuser and it fills the whole house with the most incredible scent, which also means everyone in the house gets the benefit for their health. Thirdly, it gives you a level of comfort that your home is a healthy and happy place to be, especially currently during this COVID crisis, but that would extend to any cold and flu season where you just get that extra immunity boost that everyone needs! Dr Kez... genius!!

Gerry D.
Australia Australia

Keep those bugs away

Love the smell of this essential oil blend and I have great peace of mind that it is keeping all that inhale it healthy and free from the dreaded lurgy.

Dr N.
Australia Australia

Great for my patients to boost their immunity

I started using an aromatherapy diffuser in my consultations when I started seeing a lot of patients that were smokers wanting to quit. It left my room smelling like an ashtray and I needed something that would bring a fresh pleasant scent to my room that could mask the smell of smoke from my patient's clothes and breath. I figured something with a therapeutic benefit as well would be just what the doctor ordered! I chose the immune blend given the current worldwide health issue and have been very happy with the results. I am getting so many positive comments about the amazing smell and I love being able to tell people that it has a therapeutic effect of building their immune systems during this challenging time as well. Once this health issue is over, I'll be trying the calm blend next as so many of my patients have anxiety and depression and I would love to think that I'm helping them with hypnotherapy as well as aromatherapy. Well worth it.