BONE AID Relief Cream 100g
BONE AID Relief Cream 100g
BONE AID Relief Cream 100g
BONE AID Relief Cream 100g
BONE AID Relief Cream 100g

BONE AID Relief Cream 100g

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100% natural BONE AID Relief Cream is used for topical use on areas with broken bones, fractures, bone bruising and heel spurs. 

The active herbs and minerals present in BONE AID Relief Cream may provide the body with the micronutrients and minerals that are necessary for repair of damaged bones.  Whether you have a broken or bruised bone or have developed a bone spur, BONE AID Relief Cream may provide your body with what it needs to assist with faster and more thorough healing.

The active ingredients have been chosen to:

  • supply the area with bone building minerals
  • provide natural analgesia (reduce nerve pain)
  • improve circulation to the damaged area
  • assisting in reducing inflammation
  • encourage wound healing

Although natural remedies can’t heal damage to bones on their own, when BONE AID Relief Cream is used over the area, it combines with the body’s innate ability to enhance healing.

Directions: For best results rub into affected areas three times daily or as needed. Read below for active ingredient benefits:


Magnesium: Is an essential mineral for bones and improving bone health.  It is also essential for the absorption and metabolism of calcium, which is also critical for bone healing and strength.

Zinc: Is required to produce the matrix and collagen protein threads upon which the bone-forming calcium-phosphorus compound is deposited.


Comfrey: Contains bone strengthening vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, Calcium and Magnesium.  Is causes cell proliferation, which helps to regenerate wounded areas of the body and speeds up new and healthy cell growth.

Oatmeal: Very beneficial for healing broken bones.  It contains potassium, phosphorus, manganese, silica, iodine, sulphur, sodium and is rich in Vitamin K, which are all essential for bone formation.  It is also a good source of carotene, Vitamin C and the Vitamin B’s.

Nettle: Delivers high concentration of bone-fortifying calcium, magnesium, silica, boron and iron.  It also contains Vitamin C, D and K, which are essential for bone health.  The calcium content protects bone density.  It is also good for joint ailments.

Yarrow: Assists with wound healing, by coagulating blood and rapidly closing the wound.  It improves circulation and dilates capillaries, which is essential when the body is trying to heal broken bones and bone spurs. It is also a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

100% Essential Oils:

Helichrysum: Pain relieving properties and the ability to aid in bone repair, improve circulation, accelerates healing and decreases muscle pain.  It is very beneficial in strengthening the nervous system, by relieving nerve pain, while regenerating and healing damaged nerves around the broken bones.

Clove Bud: Effective pain reliever.  It has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and analgesic properties.  It blocks nerve signals to the brain to give us a break from the pain. 

Lavender: Reduces pain and inflammation, increases blood circulation, relaxes nervous tension and stress.  Stimulates bone healing.  Improves mood and sleep.

Cypress: Anti-spasmodic and excellent for the circulatory system.  Increases blood flow to the site of the broken bone or bone spur to speed up healing.

Rosemary: Prevents calcium loss and increases calcium in the plasma.  It also helps with the calcium resorption phase of bone healing, making it effective for ensuring that bones set and heal properly, as well as aiding in the recovery of bone spurs.


Other Ingredients:

Aloe Vera Oil: Contains 75 potentially active constituents: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids etc.  It provides calcium, chromium, copper, selenium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc.  Aloe vera has the ability to penetrate the skin well, which has the added benefit of drawing the other active ingredients effectively into the body.