BONE AID Relief Combo

BONE AID Relief Combo

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This powerful combination has been specifically formulated to assist in the healing of bone conditions such as broken or fractured bones, periosteal (bone) bruising, bone spurs (ie. heel spurs, shoulder spurs etc.), traction apophysitis (ie. Sever’s Disease, Osgood-Schlatter Disease).


Pack consists of:

1 x Bone Aid Relief Cream 100g.
1 x Ultra Bone Relief Homeopathic Spray 30ml.

With Bone Aid Relief Cream used topically to work locally on the site of bone damage, and Ultra Bone Relief Spray is used orally to encourage healing from within.  Each product has unique natural ingredients to promote the recovery of bone damage and to enhance the laying down of strong bone during the regrowth phase.


Use Bone Aid Relief Cream topically three times daily to allow the herbs, minerals and essential oils to be absorbed in and help to take effect directly at the site of bone injury.

Spray two sprays of Ultra Bone Relief Spray in the mouth, three times daily to allow the homeopathic ingredients to absorb into the body and aid in bringing about the necessary circulatory changes required to aid in strong bone remineralisation.