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Ultra Value Homeopathic Sprays Health Pack
Ultra Value Homeopathic Sprays Health Pack
Homeopathic Sprays insomnia relief
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Ultra Value Homeopathic Sprays Health Pack

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  • Made in Australia

  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

  • Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

About this product

Homeopathic Sprays

Our immune systems are adversely affected by stress, lack of sleep, and inflammation.  This value ULTRA Health Pack consists of:

1 x Ultra Immune Relief 30ml Homeopathic 

1 x Ultra Stress Relief 30ml Homeopathic 

1 x Ultra Insomnia Relief 30ml Homeopathic 

1 x Ultra Trauma Relief 30ml Homeopathic 

Homeopathic Sprays Directions

Spray twice in the mouth, three times daily, or as required. Approx. 150 sprays per bottle. 

Homeopathic sprays do their best work when absorbed in the mouth on an empty palate. This means avoiding food or drink (with the exception of water) 15 minutes prior to, and after taking your sprays is ideal. This includes chewing gum, brushing your teeth, and drinking coffee.

ULTRA Immune Relief Homeopathic Sprays

Homeopathic Spray is a homeopathic oral spray that encourages your body's immune system to be on high alert. Whether it's a viral or bacterial infection, ULTRA Immune Relief will help your body's defense system to be ready to go!

ULTRA Stress Relief Homeopathic Sprays

Homeopathic spray assists with stress that can be experienced in so many different forms, from debilitating fear, through anxiety, panic, nervousness to restlessness.  The beauty of Ultra Stress Relief is that it covers all bases.  These 10 homeopathic ingredients help your body to adapt to the stress and act accordingly to reduce the stress hormones to bring us back into a state of calm.  

Stress hormones are designed to be released occasionally when we are needing to defend ourselves or to react suddenly to avert a situation. These hormones acting on our body over a long period of time can be quite damaging to our overall physical and emotional health.  High levels of stress reduce our immune system from functioning optimally and have a detrimental effect on our ability to achieve good quality sleep.

ULTRA Insomnia Relief Homeopathic Sprays

Homeopathic Sprays assist the body to be prepared for sleep both mentally and physically. It is beneficial in helping you drift off to sleep and stay asleep.  Its benefits spread further than this as it also encourages your body to have a restful, sound sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed. In children, we have found a reduction in nightmares and night terrors whilst using this remedy. (Note: even the best of us make mistakes so please disregard the label directions about using during the day! Only use as needed. Nighty Night!)

ULTRA Trauma Relief Homeopathic Sprays

Oral Homeopathic spray is designed to promote wound healing in the body following acute or long-standing injuries.  It also assists the body to reduce bruising, inflammation and treating sprains and strains.  ULTRA Trauma Relief Homeopathic Sprays is also beneficial in assisting muscular issues such as tightness, aching, cramping, spasms, twitches, and weakness.  It has also been found to provide relief for arthritic conditions with swollen and painful joints.  Reducing joint and nerve pain is a critical factor in aiding the recovery of traumatic injuries and what better way to treat this than using a natural homeopathic remedy in this extremely convenient 30ml spray bottle. 

How does stress affect our immune system?

When we are feeling stressed, our body behaves in the same way as it would if our lives were in danger.   It secretes stress hormones to put us in a heightened state of fight or flight and therefore is not concerned about giving energy to the immune system. (ie. I can’t imagine a zebra saying “excuse me a moment hungry lion, while I deal with my runny nose”).

The stress hormones themselves actually suppress the power of the immune system.  As a result, when we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is significantly reduced, making us more susceptible to infections.  Think of the stress and the immune system as being on either end of a see-saw, if stress is high the immune system will be low, and vice-versa. Ultra Stress Relief Homeopathic Sprays aids our body to cope with ongoing stress, reducing the secretion of stress hormones, which in turn leaves more energy available for our immune system if required. 

How does Sleep affect our immune system?

Studies show that a lack of sleep adversely affects your immune system.  People who don’t get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick and take longer to recover from illness.  During sleep, our energy is redirected, away from our brain and muscles, and it can focus its attention on eliminating infections from the body.  Important immune fighting cells are produced while we sleep, building up our defenses overnight to generate a stronger immune response.  Ultra Insomnia Relief Homeopathic Sprays aid the body to relax and fall asleep effectively and then remain deeply asleep throughout the night, giving the immune system the chance to function optimally.    

How does inflammation affect your immune system?

When your body is expending excess energy trying to deal with injuries and inflammation, it has less energy to direct towards your immune system, rendering it less effective at dealing with viruses and bacteria.  When you become injured, the circulation increases to bring healing cells to that location to commence healing, which means there is less circulation elsewhere.  This is especially pertinent with chronic injuries that can result in prolonged inflammation-causing long term redirection of circulation.  Speeding up this process of healing using Ultra Trauma Relief Homeopathic Sprays liberates the circulation to go where it’s needed in the event of an immune system attack.