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These two products are beneficial as a first line of defence against acute or long-standing inflammatory conditions. They could become the most used products in your medical cupboard! 

Pack consists of:

1 x Trauma Relief Cream 100g.
1 x 
Trauma Relief Homeopathic Spray 30ml.

With Trauma Relief Cream assisting to treat the injury from the outside, and Ultra Trauma Relief Spray helping to treat the condition from within.  Made up of two very different sets of ingredients, each containing natural active ingredients to help stimulate healing when you need it most. 

This powerful duo can be beneficial for:

  • muscular conditions such as tightness, aching, cramping, spasms, twitches and weakness,
  • helping to reduce swollen and painful joints, like arthritic conditions
  • assists in reducing bruising
  • helps to alleviate inflammation
  • great for assisting to treat sprains and strains 


Use Trauma Relief Cream topically three times daily to allow the herbs, minerals and essential oils to be absorbed in and take effect directly at the site of the injury.

Spray two sprays of Ultra Trauma Relief Spray in the mouth, three times daily to allow the homeopathic ingredients to absorb into the body and help to have an overall anti-inflammatory effect on the whole body.