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What are Growing Pains and Why do Kids get Them?

5 year old Benjamin began waking up overnight approximately weekly.  First it was his right leg and then it was his left and occasionally it would be both together.  Over the next few weeks his episodes became more frequent, with him waking in even more pain than before, every second or third night.  He would hold his thigh or calf and occasionally his knee as well.

Diagnosis: Growing Pains

Benjamin was brought to our office after this had been going on for approximately one month.  A full history and orthopaedic assessment was done to rule out anything serious.  His diagnosis was growing pains. 

Benjamin’s knee’s and pelvis were adjusted and his muscles were rebalanced over the coming two weeks.  A massage techniques was given to his parents to implement if he woke overnight and they were instructed to bath him in SOulSoak recover every 2nd or 3rd night and use the Ultra Trauma Relief Spray three times daily and apply the cream at night before bed and again if he woke overnight in pain.   

By week two Benjamin’s mum was pleased to announce that he was no longer waking up in pain and the issues with his back and legs had fully resolved.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains are a Real Thing!

It is extremely important to know the difference between harmless growing pains and other more sinister conditions that can present in a similar way in children.  Growing pains usually occur between that ages of 3-5 years old and 8-11 years old, which is when growth hormone causes rapid development.  Generally speaking, growing pains affect boys and girls equally.

It is most commonly experienced in the legs, and more often than not both sides.  The common areas are:

  • Calves
  • Thighs
  • Behind the knees

Growing Pains are a Real Thing

These pains tend to be more uncomfortable in the afternoon and evening, and they don’t appear to be made any worse by touching the areas or by moving them, and they are very unlikely to cause a limp. These pains can frequently wake the child up from sleep.

To distinguish between harmless growing pains and something that could potentially be more serious, look out for the following symptoms and be sure to see your Chiro, Osteo or GP immediately:

  • One sided leg pain
  • Pain that gets worse when you touch it or move the joint
  • Pain that is still present in the morning
  • When limping occurs

There is no need to immediately jump to any conclusions about these symptoms, it is just that they are much less likely to represent simple growing pains.

Below are some suggestions to help ease growing pains in your child

Bathe in SOulSoak RECOVER before bed

Soaking in a SOulSoak bath before bed allows over 80 essential elements and minerals to be absorbed into the body to replenish what has been used during the rapid phase of growth.  A lack of these micro-nutrients can lead to aches and pains that can quite easily be remedied with a 20 minute soak.

Drinking plenty of water

Hydration really helps to deliver the micronutrients around the body as needed.  A lack of hydration can lead to cramps and unnecessary pain.  An average 5 year old should drink about 5 glasses of water per day and an average 8 year old should try for 6 glasses per day.

Light exercise like walking

Keeping the muscles moving is very important to flush the lactic acid out of our legs.  Even a walk around the block before dinner can get the blood flowing enough to prevent the inevitable ache that occurs in rapidly growing children.  Plus, there are so many benefits to getting your kids outdoors and breathing in the fresh air (and expending a bit of their energy!).

Stretching or yoga

When our bones are going through a rapid growth spurt, it is important to keep the muscles around these long bones flexible.  Stretching or yoga allows the muscles to elongate, release lactic acid and fill with healthy blood.  A good stretch before soaking in the SOulSoak bath is a great idea.

Magnesium supplements

One of the most important minerals in a rapidly growing body is magnesium.  Magnesium is required to allow complete relaxation of the muscles that are being stretched as the bones grow.  You will gain a lot of magnesium in the SOulSoak bath, but there are other ways to get magnesium into your child as well.  Using the Trauma Relief Cream topically, on the areas that are painful, provides magnesium and many other natural anti-inflammatory and healing products directly to the area that needs it most.  Using the Ultra Trauma Relief Oral Spray in conjunction with the Trauma Relief Cream will assist the body to reduce the aches and pains quickly, working from the inside out.

Our Trauma Relief Ultra pack has got you covered, including:

  • SOulSoak Recover – to replenish the lacking micro-nutrients
  • Trauma Relief Cream – to provide the building blocks required to reduce aches and pains topically, directly at the location of pain
  • Ultra Trauma Relief Oral Spray – to ramp up the body’s ability to reduce these aches and pains all over the body with two little sprays in the mouth

Please note that all 3 of these products are 100% natural and the ingredients have been selected to provide rapid and effective relief. 

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