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Aromatherapy Roll-On CALM Essential Oil

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  • Made in Australia

  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

  • Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

About this product

Aromatherapy Roll-On

100% Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Roll On Blend CALM in a Jojoba carrier oil smells amazing and contains Rose (Yep, pure Rose! 🌹 😍) in the mix which is normally recognised as the highest frequency essential oil of them all! 

Allow me to introduce you to the winning combination of Aromatherapy Roll-On that we call CALM! 

CALM Aromatherapy Roll-On Benefits:

Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Lavender & Rose (and of course, Jojoba oil!) 

Stress and anxiety have become significant factors in our fast-paced lives.  This has resulted in an increase in stress-related health issues, which negatively affect both our mental and physical well-being.  Whether it's deadlines at work, financial responsibilities, moving house, or just an accumulation of lots of little things, your body releases stress hormones that, over a prolonged period of time, can have an adverse effect on your entire system.  

Stress can lead to us having a short fuse, poor memory, cloudy thinking, low energy, headaches, a lowered immune system, and an inability to sleep effectively.  All things we need to avoid to be the best versions of ourselves possible!!!

Please note, pure essential oils are not to be ingested. Avoid contact with eyes.  Keep away from children. Pregnancy or those with a health issue seek medical advice before use. Store in a dark place below 30°C.

Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times to promote feelings of relaxation and calm.  Inhaling pure essential oils can help to alleviate stress, insomnia, and depression.  This natural solution works by stimulating areas within the brain that are responsible for our emotions. 

CALM Aromatherapy Roll-On Contains:

Our Aromatherapy Roll On CALM blend has six 100% pure essential oils, specifically selected to release negative emotions, calm the mind, and reduce stress and anxiety.  Further information on each of the ingredients is listed below: 

Rose Geranium

  • It May be beneficial in reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and tension 
  • Can help to enhance a feeling of overall well-being and relaxation
  • It May be helpful in offering relief to those suffering from insomnia
  • Possibly the greatest essential oil for helping to reduce physical and mental stress
  • May assist your body to bring balance to your hormones and emotions


  • Can be helpful in diminishing feelings of stress and anxiety
  • May improve concentration and memory
  • Can be beneficial in stimulating the immune system

Ylang Ylang

  • May promote feelings of comfort and joy
  • Can assist with reducing heart rate, helping to improve mood, and promoting relaxation
  • Inhaling Ylang Ylang can help release negative emotions, reduce stress and act as a natural anxiety and depression remedy


  • Can be beneficial in enhancing the energy flow within our body
  • It May be beneficial as an anti-depressant due to its mood-enhancing qualities
  • Helps promote feelings of joy, freshness, and energy
  • Can assist in bringing hormones back into balance


  • It May help to relieve stress, anxiety, and headaches
  • Can help to calm the nerves, reduce restlessness and improve sleep quality
  • May assist in lowering blood pressure and heart rate


  • It May be beneficial to relieve stress and anxiety while helping to relax the mind and body
  • Can be beneficial during times of high stress, grief, and depression
  • May assist the body to soothe emotions, headaches, and balance hormones
  • Raising the vibrational frequency within your body can assist you to feel happier and more joyful. Pure rose essential oil has been found to be the highest vibrational frequency of all of the oils ever tested, by a significant margin. Now I know why I feel so happy when inhaling this oil!!


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Ange C.
Love love lovet

Absolutely love calm. It smells amazing and love the roll on easy to apply.

Mary P.
Australia Australia
Roll on Calm & Roll on sleep

I’ve been using both for a week now and love them. The aroma of the essential oils is great and I’m sure they’re helping with my sleep and anxiety. Many thanks.

Jennifer R.
Australia Australia
It is calming

It was calming, which is what I was after. I pop it on when I’m feeling frazzled sitting at my computer. I also enjoy the sleep oil. It does send me off to sleep faster, and it smells wonderful.

Jodie-Ann P.
Australia Australia
Aromatherapy CALM Essential Oil Blend Roll-on

I live this product, as it works amazingly well and has a pleasant smell, but most of all, when I put it on I feel calm and very relaxed. I highly recommend this product

Jodie-Lea H.
Australia Australia
Smells divine

Now that I’ve found it, I can’t live without this product. It lives on the bedside and in my handbag so it’s always handy. Calms my mind and soul during stressful days at work or when emotions are running a little high. The smell is divine and instantly calming. No reaction to my sensitive skin. My absolute favourite product from Dr Kez Chiro Lab. The obsidian roller is a great holistic feature.