Bone Pain Relief
Bone Pain Relief Duo Pack
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Bone Pain Relief Duo Pack

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  • Made in Australia

  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

  • Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

About this product

Bone Pain Relief

This powerful bone pain relief combination has been specifically formulated to assist in the healing of bone conditions such as broken or fractured bones, periosteal (bone) bruising, bone spurs (ie. heel spurs, shoulder spurs, etc.), traction apophysitis (ie. Sever’s Disease, Osgood-Schlatter Disease).

Our Bone Pain Relief Pack Consists Of

1 x Bone Aid Relief Cream 100g.
1 x Ultra Bone Relief Homeopathic Spray 30ml.

With Bone Aid Relief Cream used topically to work locally on the site of bone damage, and Ultra Bone Relief Spray is used orally to encourage healing from within.  Each product has unique natural ingredients to promote the recovery of bone damage and to enhance the laying down of strong bone during the regrowth phase.

Bone Pain Relief Directions

Use Bone Aid Relief Cream topically three times daily to allow the herbs, minerals, and essential oils to be absorbed in and help to take effect directly at the site of bone injury.

Spray two sprays of Ultra Bone Relief Spray in the mouth, three times daily to allow the homeopathic ingredients to absorb into the body and aid in bringing about the necessary circulatory changes required to aid in strong bone remineralization. 

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Malou V.
Australia Australia
Super quick delivery

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my order on the same day I ordered it, personally delivered too! I love Dr Kez products and highly recommend the products to anyone that puts their health at the top of their list.

C P.
Australia Australia
Great way to heal a fracture

Been stuck in iso after breaking my foot dancing around the living room (trying to do a home learning PE class for my kids). I've been out of the boot for 4 weeks now, but can't get to the pool to rehab it effectively. Luckily I found this combo online and it's made the world of difference. My foot was still painful, even though I told the doc it wasn't (just to get the boot off), but this cream and spray has taken the pain away within days. I just hope it's helping the bone to heal on the inside (no way for me to tell). It is no longer painful and is feeling stronger and stronger each day. Bring on the next PE class....not!! Can't wait for school to go back ;)

Elizabeth M.
Australia Australia
Really strengthens the bone after a break

My son broke his arm and was in a half cast. He is a skateboarder and I really wanted it to heal well as this is not likely to be his only fall. I was able to use the bone aid relief cream in the mornings and night when his cast was off. The spray was much easier because it didn't need him to be out of the cast. 1 week to the day after taking having the cast removed he had an almost identical fall to the one that broke his arm in the first place. He reassured me that although it hurt from the fall it wasn't broken. I made him get an x-ray anyway and the GP reported that it had repaired surprisingly well and that it looked stronger than ever!! Good job Dr Kez ChiroLab

Australia Australia
Stress fractures are no match for this duo

I had a stress fracture from being way to old to start my footy career. It just would not heal. The doctors had no answers for me, other than to keep putting my back into the boot. Over 18 months walking around in that ****** thing didn't help at all, in fact it gave me a bad back problem. My PT told me about this bone aid relief cream and I gave it a go. Using the spray 3 times daily (occasionally twice, when I'd forget), and the cream 3 times daily (or twice when I just couldn't be bothered taking my boot off during the day), and the results where phenomenal. I gave the boot the flick and have been walking perfectly fine ever since - no pain whatsoever. This stuff is phenomenal!!!! Highly recommend it.