Muscle Pain Relief Cream KiroFix - Dr Kez Chirolab
Muscle Pain Relief Cream KiroFix - Dr Kez Chirolab
Muscle Pain Relief Cream KiroFix - Dr Kez Chirolab
Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream Treats arthritis for sale
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Muscle Pain Relief Cream KiroFix - Dr Kez Chirolab
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Muscle Pain Relief Cream KiroFix - Dr Kez Chirolab
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream Treats arthritis for sale

Muscle Pain Relief Cream KiroFix

167 reviews

This 100% Natural and Australian-made lotion assists with recovery of soft tissue injuries and the ongoing pain of arthritis. Can help treat arthritis, inflammation, bruising, reduce pain and promote fast recovery!

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About this product

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream

Are you in need of one of the best muscle pain or joint relief creams available? Are you experiencing pain, inflammation, bruising, or arthritis?  Or perhaps you're an active person, athlete, or team sports player, at some point you're likely to have been frustrated by injury. We work so hard for our fitness and for the joy of playing with the team, that being sidelined or restricted from training to our full potential can be very irritating!  

It was this frustration in her own elite sports days that forced Dr. Kez to find a natural solution that would help her overcome annoying niggles and even quite major physical trauma more quickly, so she could get back on the field doing what she loves!

Kirofix Injury Relief Lotion is packed full of active ingredients like Arnica, Magnesium, Kunzea and Glucosamine, just to name a few.  We have to highlight the packed-full because we literally put the largest quantity of active ingredients in so it packs a punch! We didn't want to just add a little bit to say it's in there...we have created the most powerful and effective formula we possibly could so you get the most benefit. 💥 These powerful, 100% natural ingredients provide the building blocks for repair and recovery and also aid in eliminating pain and inflammation, by being absorbed through your skin.

This is a staple for any bathroom cupboard, to be able to grab and use for any aches and pains as well as bruising and swelling. We think its the best go-to there is! 

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream for Arthritis

If it's arthritis you're suffering from, then look no further as we have found our customers are getting great results with this incredible formulation.  Nobody should have to put up with ongoing pain in their joints when there is such a simple solution in one of the best muscle pain relief cream. 

KiroFix Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream

Let Kirofix Injury Relief provide the first line of defence against your physical ailments! Whether it is a new or existing condition such as a sprain, strain, inflammation, bruising, bursitis, arthritis, or general aches and pains, then this is the formulation for you!

Kirofix is the Muscle Pain Relief Cream and it's the bulk version of our extremely popular Trauma Relief Cream.  With the exact same active ingredients, in the same quantities, just made in lotion form to be able to be distributed via a larger pump pack.  Don't let the name change deceive you.  If you like our Trauma Relief Cream, you'll love our Kirofix Injury Relief Lotion, made right here in our Melbourne ChiroLab!

Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream Active Herbal Products


  • great for bruises, sprains and strains
  • excellent for muscle aches and spasms
  • fantastic for bruising and reducing inflammation
  • used for treating muscle aches, joint pain and arthritis


  • Analgesic (reduces joint and muscle pain)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-spasmodic (relieves muscle cramps)
  • Hemostatic (constricts blood vessels t prevent haemorrhage)
  • Astringent (brings constriction of muscles, tissues and blood vessels, to aid healing)
  • Anti-rhematic (assists in relieving the pain of arthritis)

Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream Ingredients

Arnica Infused Oil

  • well known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects
  • assists with the healing of sprains, strains and muscles aches
  • assists in reducing muscle and joint pain

Magnesium Oil

  • assists with muscle fatigue, cramps and weakness
  • pertinent mineral for the complete relaxation of muscles
  • assists with reducing numbness and tingling


  • assists in maintaining healthy joints that may otherwise lead to arthritic conditions
  • reduces pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints
  • improves joint function

Aloe Vera Oil

  • antioxidant and antibacterial properties
  • assists in the healing of burns
  • enhances skin penetration

Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream 100% Essential Oils


  • stimulates the secretion of hormones that lesson the sensitivity of nerves to pain
  • great for sprains and muscle aches
  • relieves spasms by relaxing nerves and muscles (great for cramps, convulsions and painful muscle spasms

Clary Sage

  • potent anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic
  • relieves aches and pains and muscle spasms
  • relaxes nerve impulses to prevent uncontrollable spasms


  • powerful anti-inflammatory effects
  • reduces muscle aches, pain and swelling
  • improves mobility
  • decreases prostaglandins (which reduces pain)


  • relieves muscle tightness, aches and pain
  • relieves the pain of arthritis
  • reduces inflammation


  • relieves aches, pain and inflammation in muscles and joints
  • astringent (draws excess fluid out of body tissue)
  • Heals internal wounds


  • anti-inflammatory properties (rheumatism and arthritis)
  • reduces swelling around joints
  • decreases muscle pain
  • reduces circulation and nervous system inflammation
  • a nerve tonic to heal nerves from injuries
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Jan A.
Australia Australia


Excellent product. Since using for the last year, my osteoarthritis in my knees has reduced the pain to hardly anything. Only when I first wake up, a bit stiff. But fine after a couple of minutes. Combined with my walking every morning. All helps

Jeannine M.
Australia Australia


Very nice. A little goes a long way.

Korin C.
Australia Australia

Kiro Fix is a staple for us

Kiro Fix is absolutely fantastic!!! Have used it on my knees, thighs, hips, neck & shoulders. An effective combination of well balanced ingredients that nourishes well below the surface. I'll always keep a supply on hand, it's a keeper for me.

M C.
Australia Australia


Added to the top of the list of creams I use for spinal stenosis/arthritis..Well tolerated, a game changer for us.. so easy to use,smells nice and even helps arthritis in wrist, while applying to spine and knee..

Michelle H.
Australia Australia

Kirofix injury cream

Amazing love it I feel 10 years younger thank you guys