ULTRA Insomnia Relief Spray - Insomnia Remedies for SLEEP - Dr Kez Chirolab
ULTRA Insomnia Relief Spray - Insomnia Remedies for SLEEP - Dr Kez Chirolab
ULTRA Insomnia Relief Spray - Insomnia Remedies for SLEEP - Dr Kez Chirolab
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ULTRA Insomnia Relief Spray - Insomnia Remedies for SLEEP - Dr Kez Chirolab
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ULTRA Insomnia Relief Spray - Insomnia Remedies for SLEEP - Dr Kez Chirolab
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ULTRA Insomnia Relief Spray - Insomnia Remedies for SLEEP - Dr Kez Chirolab

ULTRA Insomnia Relief Spray - Insomnia Remedies for SLEEP

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About this product

Insomnia Remedies

ULTRA Insomnia Relief Spray, homeopathic insomnia remedies is beneficial in preparing the body for sleep both mentally and physically😴. The 12 homeopathic insomnia remedies ingredients have been specifically chosen to help relax your mind and body, aiding you to drift off to sleep quickly and easily🛏.  As well as this, these ingredients also encourage your body to have a restful, sound sleep throughout the night and help you to wake up feeling refreshed. In children, we have found this product can assist with reducing nightmares 👻 and night terrors 😱 also. 

Insomnia Remedies Directions

Spray twice in the mouth before bed or as required. 

Homeopathic insomnia remedies sprays do their best work when absorbed in the mouth on an empty palate. This means avoiding food or drink (with the exception of water) 15 minutes prior to, and after taking your sprays is ideal. This includes chewing gum, brushing your teeth, and drinking coffee☕.

Approx. 150 sprays per bottle. 

(Note: even the best of us make mistakes so please disregard the label directions about using during the day! Only use as needed. Nighty Night!)

Insomnia Remedies Ingredients and Benefits 

Arnica montana

  • May assist with relieving pain and restless sleep from muscle overexertion

Arsenicum Album

  • Can assist with people that are anxious and compulsive about small details, and have trouble sleeping if they feel that everything is not in place
  • It may be beneficial in people who are often deeply weary and exhausted, yet feel restless physically and mentally
  • It may be helpful in people who experience anxious and disturbed sleep, with dreams full of fear and insecurity

Calcarea Phosphorica

  • Can be helpful with growing pains, and aching joints and bones, or neck or shoulder discomfort that makes it difficult to fall asleep
  • It may be beneficial when the person lies awake for many hours, feeling upset and irritable, then has trouble waking in the morning, feeling deeply tired and weak


  • It may be beneficial when a person is “too tired to sleep” after long-term sleep loss (ie. Getting up to a baby, shift work, jet lag, etc.)
  • Can be beneficial in people who feel weak and dizzy, with trouble thinking, and feel sleepy, irritable, or tearful

Coffea Cruda

  • May assist with relieving sleeplessness associated with worries, overactive thoughts, and hypersensitivity to pain


  • Can be beneficial when insomnia is the result of emotional upset (ie. Grief or loss, disappointment in love, shock, or post-argument)
  • May assist when feeling sensitive and nervous
  • Can be useful when sighing and yawning during the day, but find it hard to relax at night
  • It may be beneficial when a person's arms and legs twitch or itch when falling asleep
  • Useful when a person may experience only light sleep, with the jolting of the legs and arms, and may experience long and troubling nightmares

Kali Phosphoricum

  • May assist when physical and intellectual fatigue is due to overexertion, resulting in sleeplessness and headaches

Natrum Muriaticum

  • It may be beneficial when sleeplessness is the result of the death of a loved one, a loss, or an emotional letdown
  • Can assist when sleeplessness may be associated with feeling isolated, feeling aggrieved, and perhaps crying themselves to sleep
  • Indicated when the person is feeling sad but is made worse when someone tries to console them

Nux Vomica

  • May relieve irritability prior to sleep
  • Might be helpful when sleeplessness occurs at 3 am
  • It may be helpful for digestive issues associated with overindulgence of food, alcohol, and tobacco


  • Maybe a useful remedy for nervous people with low stamina who get too tired, then have insomnia
  • can be helpful in people who seem to fall asleep alright initially, but then wake suddenly with a hot or surging feeling in the head and then find it hard to get back to sleep
  • People who may require this remedy, usually have anxious dreams and may sleepwalk


  • It may be helpful when insomnia comes from itching, or an increased feeling of heat in bed, especially in the feet
  • Can assist when the person feels irritable and anxious, and often feels the need to throw the covers off
  • May assist when commonly awake between 2 – 5 am
  • Can be helpful in insomnia that develops from a lack of exercise 

Zincum Metallicum

  • It may be beneficial in people suffering from insomnia due to mental activity
  • Can be useful in people who get wound up from overwork, have a tendency towards nervousness, or just have trouble relaxing
  • May assist when legs and arms are often extremely restless and lying still in bed seems impossible
  • Can be helpful in the type of person who feels the need to constantly move their muscles during the day
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Megan W.
Australia Australia


Have used it at ****** hours of night when awake it works

Julie W.
Australia Australia

Finally getting quality sleep

I used to take ages to fall asleep, then wake up periodically through the night, my quality of sleep was awful, thanks to Ultra Insomnia relief spray I go right to sleep, stay asleep or go straight back to sleep and am achieving deep sleep everynight!

Pola Z.
Australia Australia


So far so good, I believe it is helping. I have been able to get to sleep more easily. But can’t stay asleep for more then a few hours.

Australia Australia

Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep la la la la

Having had a highly emotional time after the passing of my 3 beloved senior dogs so close to each other I feel apart. Sleep was almost non existent. I have never been a good sleeper to be honest. I would sleep a whole night once a week if I was lucky. I have a bedtime ritual to help quiet my busy head but as soon as I hit the pillow my mind went full throttle with chatter. I saw this product & decided to give it a go. The first night I slept but put it down to being my crash n burn night as I call it. The second night I slept. The third I woke but fell back asleep quickly rather than getting upset i was awake. I have been using it for a few weeks now. I honestly love & recommend this! Being homeopathic makes it even more appealing. Thanks Dr Kez !

Jodie-Ann P.
Australia Australia

Insomnia relief spray

Love this product as it really help with my severe insomnia and help to keep me asleep just that little bit longer. I highly recommend this product. You just have to try it for yourself.