Premium Vacuum Cupping Set - Dr Kez Chirolab
Premium Vacuum Cupping Set - Dr Kez Chirolab
Premium Vacuum Cupping Set - Dr Kez Chirolab
Premium Vacuum Cupping Set - Dr Kez Chirolab
Premium Vacuum Cupping Set - Dr Kez Chirolab
Premium Vacuum Cupping Set - Dr Kez Chirolab
Premium Vacuum Cupping Set - Dr Kez Chirolab

Premium Vacuum Cupping Set

11 reviews

If you have ever been told to "suck it up" when your body is feeling a little meh...well now, literally, you can 🤩 by using the Premium Vacuum Dr Kez Chirolab® Cupping Set!! Bring this highly beneficial health accessory into the comfort of your own home. 🎉🎉

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About this product

'Arrrgh, my back is killing me!' One of the most commonly uttered phrases of the adult population and a complaint we hear on a daily basis. And because it affects everything you do, back pain can be incredibly frustrating and debilitating.

If you have ever been told to "suck it up" when you have an injury...well now, literally, you can 🤩 by using the Premium Vacuum Dr Kez Chirolab® Cupping Set!!

While accident and injury are often to blame, sometimes it seems to spring out of nowhere. 'Why is my back sore?' you might ponder, whilst slouching into your phone and schlumping over your desk...  

All that schlooping, drooping causing problematic posture issues. 😬

A trip to the chiro is a great way to put bodily wrongs to rights but that's not always an option. Our Premium Vacuum Cupping Set is the next best thing to a Dr Kez in your bathroom cupboard giving you a tool to treat aches and pains at home, as soon as they arise.

It might look a little freaky, but cupping is actually a very safe and effective treatment for injury and structural issues. The vacuum pump draws skin and superficial muscles into the cup to break up adhesions between muscles and bone structure, releasing tension and helping to improve blood flow and decrease inflammation.

And because you control the pressure created by the pump you can tailor your treatment to your body! 

Cupping Therapy has been a popular treatment for injury and structural issues in ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures for thousands of years.  Although various different types of cups can be used for this ancient modality, the same principals apply.  Using the Premium Vacuum Dr Kez Chirolab® Cupping Set, a pressure vacuum is created by using the vacuum pump on the cup to 'suck up' or draw up the skin and superficial muscles, aiming to break up adhesions between underlying muscles and bone structures and helping to improve blood flow.  

Now you can bring this highly beneficial therapy into the comfort of your own home by using the Premium Vacuum Dr Kez Chirolab® Cupping Set. 🎉🎉

  • Soft Tissue Therapy 
  • Multiple Body Parts
  • Blood Circulation 
  • Aches & Pains
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle Adhesion
  • Muscle Tension
  • Acupressure Point Stimulation
  • Detoxification
  • Easy To Use At Use at Home
  • Premium Quality Cups
  • Comes with a 30ml Therapeutic Dr Kez Chirolab® RESTORE Massage Oil 😍

The RESTORE Massage Oil has been created by us to ensure it has the best ingredients and Essential Oils for assisting with the detoxification process.  A 10ml bottle is included in the Cupping Set.

Grapefruit, Cypress, Bergamot, Juniper Lemon Essential oils as well as Arnica Infused Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil & Vitamin E. 😍 A perfect combination!

For a top-up of RESTORE Massage Oil 100ml click HERE 

Traditional cupping treatment has a long history in Chinese culture as an effective way to assist the body to rid itself of toxins and disease.  The Dr Kez Chirolab® Premium Vacuum Cupping Set integrates both modern technology and this traditional modality by featuring an easy to use cupping set designed to give the same professional results from the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Our Premium Cupping Set makes this more affordable and accessible for the wider community looking to incorporate this modality and add to their health accessories.

Our Premium Vacuum Cupping Set is an effective alternative to the traditional fire style glass cupping technique with a vacuum phenomenon that gives the user far more control over the pressure to be exerted by each individual cup.  The premium-grade plastic cups prevent unnecessary breakage, are lightweight for portability, easy to clean and allow for the addition of magnets to enhance the benefits of each and every session. 

Research has shown that Cupping may be beneficial for improving blood flow, helping to decrease pain and aims at reducing inflammation to the local and surrounding tissues. 

In clinical practice, Dr Kez (Chiropractor) chooses to use cupping as part of the recovery plan on her patients when they need help to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, break down muscular adhesions and when they could benefit from assistance to help reduce discomfort in the body and to encourage the detoxification process.

Traditionally cupping was used to increase blood flow and aid in the detoxification process to promote healing from various diseases.  Over the years of using this modality, we have discovered the physical benefits of drawing the superficial layer of muscle into the cup to break up adhesions between muscle layers and the underlying boney structures like the ribs.  The increased circulation helps relieve muscle tension, increases cellular repair and aids in regeneration.  When used in conjunction with the magnetic tips this enhanced circulation and repair process may be significantly enhanced.

Who Can Use the Dr Kez Chirolab® Premium Vacuum Cupping Set 🧐

Cupping is indicated for both those that are healthy (rejuvenation, energy and anti-aging) as well as those with ailments.  Generally speaking, those under the age of 60 may tolerate vacuum cupping quite well. When treating those over the age of 60, and in particular over the age of 70, more attention has to be directed towards the skin condition. 

Localised areas that benefit from cupping include headaches, discomfort in the neck, back, knee, shoulder and elbow etc.  Systemic complaints that have seen benefits with cupping can include high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, mental health disorders, heart disease and infections.  Some users also find benefits with skin, digestive, reproductive and allergy conditions.

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Karen G.
Australia Australia

Cupping set is amazing

Love this set easy to use. One of the best sets I've used.

Michelle S.
Australia Australia

Awesome Cupping Set

So good!! So Easy to use and fantastic results. Absolutely recommend the home cupping set! Great for a sore back for a hard working truck driver!!

Dr Kez Chirolab Premium Vacuum Cupping Set ReviewDr Kez Chirolab Premium Vacuum Cupping Set Review

Dr Kez Chirolab

We are so glad your hard-working truck driver gets to be cupped at home! What a great way to help relieve his tension after driving for hours. Love your pics

Julie W.
Australia Australia

very impressive product

still learning how to use this product, but so far very good results!

Anne R.
Australia Australia

Premium Vacuum Cupping Set

Absolutely love these, have been using these on my thighs, glutes and lower back with good results. Would highly recommend them

Sheryl m.
Australia Australia

Cupping set

It fun trying it out the only thing is the QR CODE to view the video doesn't work it says it's not available