Acupressure HAT with Carry Bag
Acupressure HAT with Carry Bag
Acupressure HAT with Carry Bag
Acupressure HAT with Carry Bag
Acupressure HAT with Carry Bag
Acupressure HAT with Carry Bag

Acupressure HAT with Carry Bag

Whether its a headache, 🤯 migraine or cloudy thinking you are experiencing...this is for you! The Dr Kez Chirolab® designed Acupressure Hat may give you relief in minutes by stimulating the meridians on your head, jaw and neck. 😇😌😍

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  • Made in Australia

  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

  • Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

About this product

The original, designed by Dr Kez Chirolab®, Acupressure HAT! It may look a little unorthodox, actually quite comical from an onlooker’s perspective, but we think it is so effective that it could quite literally send your headache packing.

We wanted to develop a product that could effectively stimulate the crucial acupressure points on the head to help alleviate headaches & migraines, and stimulate endorphin release rapidly and effectively.

Use of the Dr Kez Chirolab® Acupressure Hat may help with:

  • Headache & Migraine Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Better sleep
  • Release of endorphins
  • Anxiety & Emotional Wellbeing

Dr. Kez Acupressure Hat Australia Dimensions: 

  • Size: SPIKE LENGTH Approx 54cm,
  • TOTAL WIDTH Approx 60cm
  • SPIKE WIDTH Approx 70cm
  • Fabric: 100% cotton fabric
  • Spikes: 91 HIPS lotus flower spikes on there hat + 2 ‘Little Cheeks’ padded jaw pads, each with 2 HIPS lotus flower spikes
  • Eco-friendly heat pressed on means no chemical smell.
  • High quality, super strong ‘Baby Soft’ velcro
  • Choose your own compression level with the stretchy neck strap and large velcro pad


  • 100% cotton fabric


How did the Acupressure Hat come about you ask?

Laying on the Dr Kez ChiroLab® Acupressure Mat may relieve tension in the neck and spine and help to decrease pain associated with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. As well as this, using the Acupressure Mat in various different ways may help relieve a myriad of health issues including blood pressure, energy levels, sleep & insomnia, mental health, digestion & bloating, swelling & fluid, muscle and joint mobility.   

Given the meridian lines run all the way from the head down the front and back of the body, as well as down your arms into your palm and down your legs into the soles of your feet,  the only meridians that we haven’t been able to adapt the mat to stimulate was the head. And we are pretty sure no-one wants to do a headstand on their mat!  So the Acupressure Hat was created to help effectively stimulate these crucial points to help suffers of headaches and migraines and those needing an endorphin release.

The spikes cover the forehead, all the way through to the back of the neck.  It also comes with 2 ‘little cheeks’ that are little padded jaw pillows that each have 2 spikes so you can choose to tuck them onto the strap for extra relief of the jaw.  This feels great especially if you suffer form a tight jaw and tend to clench a lot.

The hat has a large velcro pad at the back so you can secure it with your level of tightness and the stretchy neck strap can be tightened under the chin for your own level of compression.

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Paige B.

Headache Disappeared!

This is amazing! It took pressure off my head when I had a massive headache and I felt so good after using it. Thank you for such a great product that has helped me be able to get on with my day