Best Ice Packs Wrap-On Ice
Ice Packs Wrap-On Ice Pack Large and Small - Dr Kez Chirolab
Ice Packs Wrap-On Ice Pack Large and Small - Dr Kez Chirolab
Ice Packs Wrap-On Ice Pack Large and Small - Dr Kez Chirolab
Ice Packs Wrap-On Ice Pack Large and Small - Dr Kez Chirolab

Ice Packs Wrap-On Ice Pack Large and Small

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Slippery pack of peas no more!! Lose the frustration of not being able to keep ice in its place after an injury.  These Wrap-on-Ice packs, heated or frozen, are the perfect ice/heat/compression solution!

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About this product

Wrap-On and Go Ice Packs

After a personal experience of pure frustration (and tears) of trying to put ice on my torn calf muscle after my morning gym-sesh, while hobbling around getting my four kids ready for school (I actually tried to tie an apron around the ice pack on my calf to be able to stand at the bench to finish their lunches - on one leg mine you....epic FAIL (more tears)!!!!), luckily, I came across the best ice packs and amazing product, that allows you to ice or heat on the go, without needing to spend hours on the couch (that realistically, no-one can spare), propped up with an ice pack.

Wrap On Ice Packs Wrap-On Ice Benefits

  • Hands-free need to hold it or lie in awkward positions to prevent it from falling off. No more frozen peas!!
  • The Ice cover may prevent ice burn. No need to find a tea-towel to put between your skin
  • Compress the ice pack onto your injured area using Velcro. Easy!
  • Flexible gel pack that molds to the injured area
  • Non-toxic
  • Reusable
  • Ice has been found to aid in managing pain naturally
  • Suitable to treat ankles, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and backs just to name a few
  • Suitable for all the family
  • Minipack comes with 1 small ice pack and velcro strap
  • The large pack comes with 2 large ice packs and a velcro strap

Ice therapy:

  • May reduce pain
  • Aids in reducing inflammation
  • Beneficial in relieving muscles spasms
  • Can speed up injury recovery time

Heat therapy:

  • May reduce joint pain
  • Beneficial in relaxing and improving flexibility of sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons
  • Aids in stimulating the elimination of toxins
  • May aid in decreasing muscle spasms
  • Can help relieve menstrual pain and cramps

What does RICE stand for?

Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate.

How can I heat the pack?

Yes!  The Ice pack can be used as a heat compress.  Simply pop in the microwave and depending on your microwave strength, start with 40 seconds and leave for 20 seconds, then microwave in increments of 10 seconds until the desired heat is reached. (Don't place the actual sleeve in the microwave) The pack can also be heated by immersing it in boiled water (not continuous boil) for 10 minutes. 

Can I keep the Ice pack in the freezer all the time?

Yes! A great way to have ice ready to go in case of an emergency.

Can I put ice directly on the skin?

Definitely NOT. Ice directly on the skin can cause icv=e burn so it is recommended that you use the pouch at all times to protect the skin.

Does this Ice Pack compress?

Absolutely!  As the strap is stretchy, you can apply a good amount of pressure to compress the injury while you are icing.  A great feature to help recovery.

What does compression do?

Using compression increases the pressure on the tissue to help prevent swelling. Super important to stop further swelling after an injury.

What does cold therapy do?

Cold therapy helps to ease pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and injury recovery time.

What does heat therapy do?

Heat therapy can be used to help ease joint pain, help relax and improve the flexibility of sore muscles, ligaments and tendons. It can also be used to help with menstrual pain and cramps.

Do I use Ice or Heat?

We have a video of this so take a look at the third image on this page and watch for all the info you need to safely answer this question 😁

When can't I use an ice or heat pack?

Don’t use over skin areas that are in poor condition, lack of sensation to heat or cold, areas with known poor circulation, if you have diabetes and in the presence of an infection, ice packs on the left shoulder if you have a heart condition, ice packs around the front or side of the neck. Remember to seek medical advice if in doubt.

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Trina B.
Australia Australia

Wrap around ice packs

These are fantastic, so good to hold the ice pack on without having to hold on with your hand. Very convenient.

Belinda S.
Australia Australia

Ice pack wrap

Amazing….. My 15 year old son loves them after a hard basketball workout he grabs them out of the freezer wraps both large and small ice pack wraps around his knee and ankle for a recovery session. Best Christmas present for a sporty teenager.

Lynn A.
Australia Australia

Cool pack

This cool pack has been awesome, no more searching for a towel or hanging onto it, just wrap around sore area, lock into place and go about your business. Great product, thank you

Mandy H.
Australia Australia


Best invention ever love it!

Kim A.
Australia Australia

Ice packs

Love these items awesome quality easy to use