Dr. Kez has been working as a Chiro for over 20 years and very early on in her career, she witnessed the benefits of prescribing specific products to assist the body in healing soft tissue injuries.  The recovery rates on patients using products like arnica for bruising and swelling, and magnesium for relaxing tight muscles as well as having their adjustment, were much faster than when they used to receive an adjustment alone.  The trouble was there was nothing available on the market that combined all the beneficial active ingredients into one product.

Dr. Kez adjusting Tay's knee

Dr. Kez got to work to source all of the active ingredients that she had found to be beneficial for the various aspects of soft tissue healing and combined them to make what we now know to be Trauma Relief Cream.  Combining powerful herbs like arnica to reduce inflammation and bruising, minerals like magnesium for complete muscle recovery, glucosamine for joint support, and many more!  This product has been used now for over 10 years in clinical practice on Dr. Kez’s patients and the results have been amazing!! 

Dr. Kez measuring ingredients

Dr. Kez’s patients could undeniably feel the difference in their recovery by having Trauma Relief Cream applied during their treatments, but they wanted to be able to use it at home in between consultations.  We are embarrassed to say that initially, Dr. Kez was sending small amounts home with patients in a urine specimen jar to begin with……..crazy right!?!? We eventually began packaging Trauma Relief Cream up for purchase, but only for our current patient base.  This was going really well, with patients buying for themselves and even family and friends that were too far away to visit the clinic. 

Trauma Relief Cream Evolution

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we made the decision to make our products available online.  Along with sharing a large number of self-help videos on FB, Instagram, and YouTube, we wanted to do anything that we could to help people, isolated at home, deal with their aches and pains during a time where most people felt that visiting practitioners was reserved to those in emergency situations.

If you value keeping your body physically fit and active, Trauma Relief Cream will make a very valuable addition to your health care regime.  From little achy niggles all the way through to severe tears, Trauma Relief Cream should be your first line of healing defense. 

 Trauma Relief Duo CTA