pain relief cream and best heat cream and bone aid cream
Pain Relief Creams - TRIO OF INJURY POWER PACK CREAMS šŸ’„ - Dr Kez Chirolab
Pain Relief Creams - TRIO OF INJURY POWER PACK CREAMS šŸ’„ - Dr Kez Chirolab
Pain Relief Creams - TRIO OF INJURY POWER PACK CREAMS šŸ’„ - Dr Kez Chirolab
best heat cream heativate
Pain Relief Creams - TRIO OF INJURY POWER PACK CREAMS šŸ’„ - Dr Kez Chirolab
Pain Relief Creams - TRIO OF INJURY POWER PACK CREAMS šŸ’„ - Dr Kez Chirolab
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pain Relief Creams - TRIO OF INJURY POWER PACK CREAMS šŸ’„ - Dr Kez Chirolab
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pain Relief Creams - TRIO OF INJURY POWER PACK CREAMS šŸ’„ - Dr Kez Chirolab
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pain Relief Creams - TRIO OF INJURY POWER PACK CREAMS šŸ’„ - Dr Kez Chirolab
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pain Relief Creams - TRIO OF INJURY POWER PACK CREAMS šŸ’„ - Dr Kez Chirolab


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Need a Pain Relief Cream solution? This triple threat is the dream team in tackling injuries, ailments, nerve pain as well as arthritis, which can involve both bone and soft tissue. Using these 3 creams together, packed full of Arnica, Magnesium, Yarrow, Kunzea and Glucosamine (and heaps more!) helps provides a unique and necessary healing that covers all structures with the aim to provide the fastest and most complete healing we could create for you. So it's safe to say…we think we have you covered! 

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About this product

The BEST Pain Relief Creams! šŸŽ‰

This Trio Of Creams POWER PACK has everything covered.Ā 

If you experiencing pain, inflammation, bruising, nerve pain or arthritis this is for you.Ā  Or perhapsĀ you're an active person, athlete, or team sports player, atĀ some point you're likely to have been frustrated by injury. We work so hard for our fitness and for the joy of playing with the team, that being sidelined or restricted from training to our full potential can be very irritating!

It was this frustration in her own elite sports days that forced Dr. Kez to find a natural solution that would help her overcome annoying niggles and even quite major physical trauma more quickly, so she could get back on the field doing what she loves!

Pack contains:
Trauma Relief Cream 100g
Bone Aid Relief Cream 100g
HeativateĀ® Relief Cream 100g


Joint pain, arthritis and many common musculoskeletal ailments involve both bones and soft tissue structures.Ā 

Our Bone Aid Relief Cream works its magic by usingĀ active ingredients specifically chosen for their ability to assist in healingĀ anything bone or nerve-related, including fractures, bone bruising, bone density issues, enthesopathies (where a tendon or ligament is pulling away at the bone insertion), nerve pain, and neuropathy.

The active ingredients in Trauma Relief Cream focus on inflammation reduction and the repair and regeneration of soft tissue structures, like tendons, muscles, ligaments, menisci, bursae, joint capsules and discs.Ā  An all-rounder really because, letā€™s face it, all injuries involve some kind of soft tissue damage and inflammation!Ā 

Given that so many ailments involve a combination of bone and soft tissue structures, the combination of both Bone Aid & Trauma Relief Creams helps get the fastest and best long-term results.Ā 

So, where does HeativateĀ® Relief Cream fit in?Ā  HeativateĀ® is designed to dramatically increase the blood circulation to the area of application, which focuses the bodyā€™s own healing ability to that area, bringing with it a barrage of healing cells.Ā  Unlike other 'heatā€™ creams on the market, which give a perception of heat, HeativateĀ® has a very unique formulation that activates with movement, causing a deep penetrating heat that reaches the area in need of healing.Ā This means the more you are active, the harder and warmer HeativateĀ® feels! This mayĀ bring with it pain relief and warmth, which can lead to easier joint movement.

What is most important about this cream and why it was a must to include in our Trio Of Creams Pack, is that all healing and repair requires blood flow. So it just made sense!Ā 

Using these three creams together may provide a unique and necessary healing that covers all structures as well as calling on the powerful healing effects of the body to help provide the fastest and most complete healing of anythingĀ we could create for you...the perfect combo!

An example of how to get the most out of the TRIO of Creams. Arthritis of the knee? Use like this:

  • Start with the Bone Aid Relief Cream and place a small amount underneath the knee cap as this is where the bones of the joint line are most affected with arthritis.
  • Then use a larger amount of Trauma Relief Cream all the way from the joint line up and over both sides of the knee, to include the ligaments, and onto the quadricep muscle. (When the quad is tight, the femur and tibia bone are jammed tightly together exacerbating symptoms)
  • And lastly, apply the HeativateĀ® Relief Cream to help increase the blood flow, which is essential for healing. Initially, be a little cautious where HeativateĀ® is applied as it can be quite warm in sensitive areas like behind the knee.Ā  Play around it and youā€™ll get to know where it works best for you!Ā 
  • This format can be applied to most injuries. Bone Aid Relief Cream first on the bony part to treat the bone, then Trauma Relief Cream on the soft tissue areas surrounding the treatment area for the inflammation and lastly, the HeativateĀ® Relief Cream for the heat!
  • TIP! If you are using the Trio of Creams before using the Therapeutic Ultrasound to get the most out of the sound waves pushing the active ingredients of the creams deeper into the treatment area, use the Bone Aid Relief Cream and Trauma Relief Creams as described (skipping the HeativateĀ®) and once you have finished the Therapeutic Ultrasound treatment and wiped off the Conductive Gel, apply all three creams as described above.Ā 

Trauma Relief Cream

Trauma pain relief cream is packed full of Arnica, Magnesium, and Glucosamine, to name a few, to treat the injury right through your skin and is 100% natural.Ā 

Let Trauma pain relief cream provide the first line of defence against your physical injuries! Whether it is a new or existing condition such as a sprain, strain, inflammation, bruising, bursitis, or general aches and pains, then this is the formulation for you!

Boasting active herbal, mineral, and 100% essential oils ingredients specifically chosen for their ability to aid in reducing inflammation, pain, and encourage healing and it's 100% natural and made right here in our Australian lab!

Bone Aid Relief Cream

100% natural BONE AID one of the Best Pain Relief Cream is used for topical use on areas with broken bones, fractures, bone bruising, heel spurs and nerve pain.

The active herbs and minerals present in BONE AID Relief Cream may provide the body with the micronutrients and minerals that are necessary for the repair of damaged bones.Ā Ā Whether you have a broken or bruised bone or have developed a bone spur,Ā BONE AID Best Pain Relief CreamĀ may provide your body with what it needs to assist with faster and more thorough healing.

HeativateĀ® Relief Cream

HeativateĀ® is more than your standard heat cream!Ā Ā The active ingredients have been chosen to absorb deeply to warm your muscles and soft tissues, on the surface of your skin and deep within.Ā Ā Use to assist in relieving discomfort in a particular area so that you can continue to remain active. HeativateĀ® absorbs into the skin deeply using heating ingredients as well as the addition of magnesium, arnica and glucosamine (to name a few!) for assisting muscles & joints to get the most out of your workout, game, event or daily activity.

"So why not just put all the active ingredients into one cream for easier application?"

Brilliant question!Ā  Believe me, we tried it, but there were two compelling reasons that negated this option:

  1. We have jam-packed as many active ingredients as possible into each of our creams.Ā  We literally cannot possibly include a single millilitre more without the cream separating in the tub.Ā  If we were to combine the carefully researched active ingredients of each cream into one tub, all of the active ingredients would have to dramatically decrease and comprise the effectiveness of our productsā€¦..not going to happen peeps!
  2. When treating a condition, the location of where you need to apply the Bone Aid Cream is different to where you need to apply the Trauma Relief Cream.Ā  The Bone Aid Cream is applied specifically to the pinpoint bone pain (on the epicondyle for tennis elbow for example), whereas the Trauma Relief Cream goes over this bone pain as well as the surrounding tissues to assist with repair and regeneration of the surrounding tendons, muscles and ligaments, as well as reducing the inflammation around the entire joint as well.Ā  HeativateĀ®, can be used during the day before a workout or to get you through daily activity, but it doesnā€™t necessarily need to be used before bed when you apply your last application of Bone Aid Relief Cream and Trauma Relief Cream, as it may get pretty hot snuggled up in bed! Ā 

So basically it was a no-brainer!Ā  Keep the three creams separate for maximum potency as well as the ability to apply different creams to different areas according to what is required. Ā 

This 100% Natural and Australian-made cream assists with recovery of soft tissue injuries, and the ongoing pain of arthritis. Anything that hurts really! Treats arthritis, inflammation, bruising and may reduce pain and promote faster recovery.

Pain Relief Cream Active Herbal Ingredients


  • great for bruises, sprains and strains
  • excellent for muscle aches and spasms
  • fantastic for bruising and reducing inflammation
  • used for treating muscle aches, joint pain and arthritis


  • Analgesic (reduces joint and muscle pain)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-spasmodic (relieves muscle cramps)
  • Hemostatic (constricts blood vessels t prevent haemorrhage)
  • Astringent (brings constriction of muscles, tissues and blood vessels, to aid healing)
  • Anti-rhematic (assists in relieving the pain of arthritis)

Pain Relief Cream Active ingredients

Arnica Infused Oil

  • well known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects
  • assists with the healing of sprains, strains and muscles aches
  • assists in reducing muscle and joint pain

Magnesium Oil

  • assists with muscle fatigue, cramps and weakness
  • pertinent mineral for the complete relaxation of muscles
  • assists with reducing numbness and tingling


  • assists in maintaining healthy joints that may otherwise lead to arthritic conditions
  • reduces pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints
  • improves joint function

Aloe Vera Oil

  • antioxidant and antibacterial properties
  • assists in the healing of burns
  • enhances skin penetration

Pain Relief Cream 100% Essential Oils


  • stimulates the secretion of hormones that lesson the sensitivity of nerves to pain
  • great for sprains and muscle aches
  • relieves spasms by relaxing nerves and muscles (great for cramps, convulsions and painful muscle spasms

Clary Sage

  • potent anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic
  • relieves aches and pains and muscle spasms
  • relaxes nerve impulses to prevent uncontrollable spasms


  • powerful anti-inflammatory effects
  • reduces muscle aches, pain and swelling
  • improves mobility
  • decreases prostaglandins (which reduces pain)


  • relieves muscle tightness, aches and pain
  • relieves the pain of arthritis
  • reduces inflammation


  • relieves aches, pain and inflammation in muscles and joints
  • astringent (draws excess fluid out of body tissue)
  • Heals internal wounds


  • anti-inflammatory properties (rheumatism and arthritis)
  • reduces swelling around joints
  • decreases muscle pain
  • reduces circulation and nervous system inflammation
  • a nerve tonic to heal nerves from injuries

Directions: For best results rub into affected areas three times daily or as needed. Read below for active ingredient benefits.

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Eileen B.
Australia Australia


I purchased the triple threat package and I am blown away by the results in just one week! I smashed my wrist on 1st October which required surgery to do a bone graft and implant a metal plate. I have been having hand therapy since 24/11, progress was slow due to constant pain in the joints of my fingers and the webbing of my hand, the hand therapist suggested that the break has triggered arthritis in my hand but the only solution provided was to introduce a compression glove which did not really help. I went to the GP to see if I could be prescribed some anti-inflammatories and he told me to take Neurophen. I knew that in order to improve my mobility of the wrist we had to address the inflammation but the health professionals seemed unwilling to help me. I saw your infomercial on Facebook and thought what do I have to lose! I made my purchase and the creams arrived in a couple of days. Since applying all three creams each day I have noticed within a week the pain and stiffness has substantially reduced, I can now close my hand to make a fist and I am regaining the mobility and strength, which I thought was not going to be possible. I can't thank you enough, I am so glad that I decided to watch your video Dr Kez rather than scrolling past because you have given me hope of a better chance of recovery and if I do have some ongoing arthritic pain, I am confident I will be able to manage the pain using these creams. I am so happy; you have potentially changed my life for the better!

Linda H.
Australia Australia

Trio pack injury creams

I love it. Helps me get through the day much easier.

Jane N.
Australia Australia

Improvement Noticed

The creams are very easy to use and rub in well. I have been applying them for just over 4 days and already have more mobility in my knee joints. I find it easier on stairs as the pain is a lot milder now. Getting in and out of chairs is also much less painful and I have less stiffness after sitting for a length of time.

Valerie T.
Australia Australia

Feed Back Trio Pack Creams

I have been using them for just Iā€™ve a week, I have felt some relief in my back, Iā€™m able to walk further without too much pain, I believe continued using will definitely improve my ability to do more.

Helen W.
Australia Australia


Using these creams has reduced my daily dependence on pain relief by one third. Quite outstanding a result. And that's just the start... I'm looking forward to continued use giving me even more relief from osteoarthritis in both knees and one hand.