All acupressure mats aren’t made the same! - Dr Kez Chirolab

All acupressure mats aren’t made the same!

All acupressure mats aren’t made the same! 

Lay on a LONG or STANDARD Dr Kez Acupressure Mat & Pillow for complete mindfulness, relaxation, vitality and to provide balance to your body, to overall enhance your health and wellbeing.  Not only that, these mats and pillows have been reported to alleviate, headaches, back pain and provide generalised pain relief, all in the comfort of your own home! Acupressure points within the body are stimulated by the mat and after only a few minutes, you may feel the body parts and muscles you're focusing on start to relax.

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  • 04:14 - How the Dr Kez Acupressure Mat & Pillow stands out above others on the market?
  • 07:31 - Headache Relief
  • 08:14 - Tricks to lie on Mat
  • 09:00 - Digestive Problems
  • 12:34 - What is homeostasis?
  • 13:59 - Features
  • 20:26 - Can it helps with fluid retention in the ankles?



04:14 - How Dr Kez Acupressure Mat & Pillow stands out above others on the market?

It features a coconut interior fibre that adds stiffness, compared to most on the market that have a thin foam inner. When you rest your full weight on the Dr Kez ChiroLab acupressure mat, the spikes are pressed firmly up against your body, due to this firm inner core, producing more pressure than the thin foam alternatives.  Acupressure mats with foam inners, actually absorbs some of the pressure from the spikes, meaning less pressure on your body.  The nature of coconut fibre is that it is both eco-friendly and breathable. As a result, our mat is less likely to cause any unhygienic bacterial problem.  Another distinction with our mat compared to others on the market is the type of spike chosen.  We have chosen the advanced spike which has the strongest and longest spikes to provide the most coverages and stimulation of the acupressure points throughout your body.  It's quite intense when you first use our mat, as all of the blood rushes to the areas touching the spikes, and begins to stimulate the meridians, which is the entire point of being on the acupressure mat in the first place.  Remember as a beginner, you can always dull the feeling of the spikes by placing something like a towel or clothing between the mat and your skin to begin with, as you become used to the experience.  This provides versatility with our advanced spike, allowing it to be modified for beginners, intermediate and advanced acupressure mat users.  Beginner spikes used by other brands, don't have this versatility, you can't make them more spikey!  Another distinction is the shape of our spike and  how they have been attached to the mat. Our spikes are in the lotus lflower configuration, which allows for additional pressure points digging into your meridians which is the entire objective of being on the mat, and they look wonderful, plus they've been heat-sealed on rather than the poisonous glue that has been discovered with other brands on the market. All that being said I still think the best thing about our mats is that they come with the D shaped pillow, many other brands don't have this type of pillow, only a flat one which doesn't give you the pressure relieving effect int he neck and head, or in some cases you have to buy the pillow separately.  We know the inclusion of the D shaped pillow is paramount to the stress relieving effects of using our mat, so it was an absolutely necessary inclusion.

07:31 - Headache Relief

Get on this for headache relief, and many have reported that it will take care of it in 20 minutes. That D shaped acupressure pillow has the unique ability to apply pressure at the base of your neck, allowing it to tilt back.  A headache is usually caused by a forward tilt of the head, so lying on the mat allows the complete opposite pressure to be exerted, allowing a reversal of the tension that has caused the headache in the first place.  It's the squeezing of the greater occipital nerve, as it travels through the sub-occipital muscles that frequently trigger headaches.  So, when you're lying on the mat with your D shaped pillow underneath the neck applying an anchoring pressure on the top end of your neck and spine, allow your legs to gradually straighten out and touch the mat, which will pull the spine from the bottom, creating a traction like pressure to elongate your spine and further relieve the pressure of your headache.   

08:14 - Tricks to lie on Mat

Lie on your back and bring your arms by your sides. Tuck your arms close to the side of your body so that your arms are touching the mat. You have meridians that go down your arms and into your hands.  So whenever you lie on your back, ensure your arms are also reaching the mat to get the added benefits of stimulating the Large Intestine, Small Intestine and Triple Warmer Meridian (affects the fight or flight response, having a positive effect on your immune system and your ability to manage stress). 

You may also sit on the mat with your legs flat which stimulates your bladder and kidney meridian, to assist with fluid balance in your body, helps to balance blood pressure and improves overall circulation, which is beneficial to the entire body. 

09:00 - Digestive Problems

There are various acupressure points along the front of your body too, that will be activated when you lie on your tummy on the acupressure mat.  Using the Dr Kez ChiroLab Acupressure Mat acupressure mat to achieve maximum benefits, requires you to spend time in all orientations on your mat to activate as many organs and systems as possible within your body.  It depends on the organ system you are trying to influence as to which Meridian you need to activate, resulting on you lying on your back, front, side etc.  For example, lying on your tummy stimulates many of the acupressure points that may benefit various different digestive disorders and can offer quick relief.

12:34 - What is homeostasis?

Your meridians essentially cover most of the organs and systems within your body. So, if you can activate them, by lying on our acupressure mat, you're assisting your body in regaining balance and equilibrium, which is three quarters of the way towards being healthy, which is what it's all about. This is known as homeostasis.

13:59 - Features

The concept behind therapeutic foam rolling or utilising the small spiky massage balls, etc. is that it helps stimulate blood flow, and at the same time to assist in releasing built up lactic acid.  The aim of using an acupressure mat, isn't to remove lactic acid, it is to simulate the acupressure points along the meridians and assist the body to improve overall health, but an added bonus is that it also significantly stimulates blood flow and relaxes your muscles and releases endorphins to make you feel good.   The most important thing is to activate the acupressure points. However, after approximately five minutes, you will feel as if your entire body has turned to jelly.  It certainly does calm you, not only due to the muscle relaxing effects, but also the effect that the feel good hormone release has on your entire body.

20:26 - Can it help reduce fluid retention in ankles?

Remember that any problem with your kidneys or liver, to which the meridians are linked, might produce an increase in fluid retention. So, if you're using the mat to eliminate fluid, you'll get most benefit it your lay on your back, stomach and have the mat between your legs to stimulate the necessary organs and systems to encourage fluid release from your body.  Just one of the many ways the acupressure can help to keep your body in balance.  


Dr Kez Acupressure Mat and Acupressure Pillow with coconut inner fibre and advanced acupressure spikes


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