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How to use your Dr Kez ChiroLab acupressure mat and pillow!

00:42 - How to remove the Dr. Kez ChiroLab's acupressure mat from its bag?

With the standard size Dr Kez ChiroLab acupressure mat, the acupressure mat wrapped around the D shaped pillow, inside the carry bag.  Please don't grab the pillow and drag it out, or it will drag its spikes along the spikes of your mat and eventually cause damage to either or both.  Instead grab the two corners of the mat and squeeze them tightly, while pulling the bag down on the size, keep going until the bottom of the mat pops out and the whole case will then come off easily.  Once the bag is off, allow the mat to open and remove the D shaped pillow.  Make yourself some space to lay them down and if you have a big arch in your lower back, add a small rolled up or folded towel, three-quarters of the way down the mat, near your tail end and place this under the mat.  You are now ready to get on and enjoy your Dr.Kez ChiroLab acupressure mat and pillow.



    00:24 - Features of Dr. Kez ChiroLab’s acupressure mats

    • The pressure from the spikes beneath the neck is really calming and relieving of neck and headache tension. A plethora of heat forms at the site that is resting on the pillow, as the circulation dramatically increases. An added bonus with this increased circulation from the Dr Kez ChiroLab acupressure mat is that it helps lose body fat that can accumulate on the hump of the neck area.  The increase in blood flow, can increase metabolism of fat in this area.
    • The D shaped pillow is a great asset.  No only does it apply perfect pressure on the neck and head area, as it is intended to do, it is also very versatile and can be used on other body parts as well.  You may rest your arm on it to stimulate the meridians along the arm, such as the heart meridian and intestinal meridians, as well as lying your leg on it to stimulate the liver, stomach, kidney and bladder meridians.  Not only this, you may find it beneficial to rest your arm on the pillow if you're experiencing tingling in the hands or carpel tunnel, or on your legs for restless or achy leg syndrome.  The pillow is extremely versatile and can be used in so many different ways, including in your workplace as a back support roll behind your lumbar spine.
    • Tips for Beginner - We recommend that you first lay on the mat with a towel over the mat to dull the impact of the spikes if you're not used to using an acupressure mat.  As you become used to the sensation of the increased circulation and the warmth that this brings, you can try removing the towel and lying in thin clothing only.  As you get used to this, you can remove all clothing to allow the spikes to be in direct contact with your skin providing the ultimate advanced stimulation that the Dr Kez ChiroLab acupressure mat has to offer.  It feels fantastic on your skin.  It is entirely up to you, just remember, like anything new,  it can take some getting used to, so make sure to persist and schedule in time to get the full health benefits of using the acupressure mat regularly.  These acupressure mats are 100 % safe to use.
    • Our mat has 221 Acupressure Lotus Flowers, each with 30 individual spikes, that's 6630 spikes on the acupressure mat alone. This ensures great coverage of the acupressure spots and meridians along your entire back surface.  Keep in mind this is for the mat only, not to forget the extra spikes and benefits of the D shaped pillow as well. The versatility of the mat, allows you to not only lie on your back or tummy, but also sit on it and exert pressure with the meridians that run down the backs of your legs, or you may lie on your side and effect the meridians along your arms too. 
    • Our Lotus flowers are advanced spikes, giving you the ability to get the most out of the stimulation that they can provide, and they are thermally sealed onto our mats, rather that using glue (like other brands) that has been found to be toxic as it gives off a harmful odour.
    • Each of your body's Meridian lines belongs to a distinct system. Whatever the situation may be, locating those specific places, whether in your cardiovascular system, lungs, or elsewhere, is essential. Acupuncturists examine your body to decide where acupuncture needles should be placed, in a very specific manner.  Using the acupressure mat at home gives you an opportunity to stimulate as many acupressure points as possible, in the hope that you can provide the body with the energy it requires to rebalance those systems to bring your body back into a state of balance.   This provides us with a very powerful tool to use at home to take control of our health and begin our natural healing therapeutic journey.

    11:16 - Use of Pillow

    You may use the pillow to specifically stimulate certain acupressure points, which can be very beneficial. You may also stand on it (preferably with clean feet 😉 ). You may also place your hands on the mat too, since your Meridian go all the way down into the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. When you get a  reflexology treatment done on your feet or points done on your hands, these are some of the points that your reflexologist is stimulating.  Stimulating these points has a systemic effect on the whole body, but relaxation is also an extremely beneficial aspect too. In terms of our physical body, every day, we do things that can add to our stress levels. Using the acupressure mat is an excellent technique to help us to unwind and activate those vital energy points at the same time.

    15:05 - Fatigue Issue

    If you have any energy issues, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, where you have ongoing fatigue and discomfort all over your body, using the acupressure mat will enhance blood flow and assist in eliminating inflammation from your body. There are several advantages to doing so, if you suffer from these conditions to assist in eliminating ongoing pain and to enhance energy.  Making this a part of your daily routine can have a profound impact on your pain levels and energy levels and is well worth the time investment.  The acupressure mats are appropriate for such a wide range of circumstances, including many chronic ongoing pain conditions, like back and neck pain, as well as systemic conditions such as high blood pressure and fluid retention. 

    16:33 - Question and Answer session

    Questions from live audience and their Answers, click on the link to watch video.

    Long Acupressure Mat and Acupressure Pillow with Carry bag CTA with coconut inner fibre and advanced spikes


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