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Eliminating excess body fluid naturally!

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00.02: Body fluids and problems associated with it
02.58: Stimulation of Bladder Meridian
07.02: Stimulation of Spleen Meridian
09.21: Stimulation of Kidney Meridian
15.11: Note
19.45: Advantage of Mat



00.02 Body Fluids and Problems associated with it - assist your body, to rid that excess fluid

Excess body fluid, this is a very typical issue. The fluid in body might be exacerbated by diabetes. Fluid in body can be caused by a variety of factors, including hormone abnormalities and a variety of other factors. So, let's talk about how your acupressure mat may help your body rid itself of extra fluid. We will discuss about spleen Meridian, the bladder Meridian and the kidney Meridian. Our bodies have 12 meridians that flow through us. The lymphatic system is greatly aided by the spleen. So, if you have fluid between your cells, you want the lymphatic system to come in and wash it out. Our acid-base balance and fluid balance are helped by our kidneys. As a result, it determines whether we keep and retain water or empty it into the bladder. The bladder, of course, disposes of it for us. So, if we can get all three systems to work properly, we'll be able to eliminate surplus fluid. That's what's going on inside of us. The meridians' endings may be found on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. So you may exert pressure on your hands and feet on the mat too, preferably with clean feet.


02.58 Stimulation of Bladder Meridian 

The bladder Meridian runs from the back of your torso down to the bottom of your legs. Allowing your feet to turn out while lying on your back is crucial to stimulate the bladder Merdian, because the bladder Meridian goes down the legs, but it comes a little more to the outside of the legs, having your feet splay outwards makes sure you reach this Meridian. So, you can allow your feet to roll out and simply let them relax which allows the bladder Meridian to be stimulated, it's great.


  • If you have any sections of your body that aren't particularly flexible and aren't reaching the mat, you can always throw a blanket on top of them to add some more weight or a towel below the mat to elevate the mat in that region.
  • You may either lay on it nude or in very minimal clothing. If you're new to using the depression mat, feel free to cover it with a towel until you get used to it.
  • The bladder is essential for getting this fluid out of your body; because the kidneys, lymphatic system, and spleen systems all dump it into your bladder. The bladder is subsequently utilised to expel this into the sewage system. This is so stimulating that we always recommend it when you're trying to get rid of fluid from your body.


07.02 Stimulation of Spleen Meridian

Lay on your stomach on the mat and hang your head and shoulders over the edge. If you don't have a massage table at home, you can get the same result by lying over the edge of your bed. The spleen Meridian begins just to the side of where your bra strap would normally be up in the chest area. If you raise your arms alongside your head and then allow them to hang off the bed, massage table or couch, this portion of the spleen Meridian will be stimulated. If you are on the Dr Kez ChiroLab Long acupressure mat, lie with your toes pointing out so that you can stimulate the spleen Meridian all the way down the front inner aspect of your legs.


09.21 Stimulation of Kidney Meridian

Kidney Meridian is also down in your legs. The lymphatic system was developed to send all of that extra fluid back into our bodies so that we can use it. The kidneys can filter it, and then they can do all they can to get it into the bladder and out of our body. The lymphatic system isn't equipped with its own pump, like the circulatory system has the heart. Instead, our muscles and required to push the fluid against gravity towards the desired location. So that it may be moved into the renal system, to be dealt with. So, once you've lay on your stomach for 10 or 15 minutes, stand up and take a little walk about.


15.11 Note

Many patients suffer from lymphoedema in the lower leg, causing the legs to swell significantly. Please seek medical attention if you have suddenly developed fluid and are unsure of what is causing it. Make sure your heart is in good working order. Check the health of your kidneys and liver. The oedema that occurs abruptly in your body might be a sign of something more dangerous. So you should double-check.   If you're experiencing symptoms of something like carpal tunnel syndrome, restless legs, pins n' needles in bed, or generalised fluid in your body, this is a great way to assist the body to operate properly and remove fluid.


19.45 Advantage of the Acupressure Mat

  • There are several strategies to help our bodies, like using the acupressure mat. But it's these three systems that truly require help to ensure that we get it solved.  So make sure to rewatch this video to make sure that you are covering the spleen, kidney and bladder Meridians effectively with how you lie on the mat.  
  • Our body has the most incredible capacity to return you to homeostasis, or balance, whether it's your blood pressure, temperature, or acid-base balance or generalised fluid balance; it simply has that power.  Using the acupressure mat to remove fluid is only one of the many benefits of using the acupressure mat.  It can help to stimulate all of the necessary organs and systems to assist the body with a wide range off health ailments, to bring us back to healthy balance.  


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