Ultrasounds are back in stock!! Woop woop!! 🎉 - Dr Kez Chirolab

Ultrasounds are back in stock!! Woop woop!! 🎉

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  • This device is exactly what Dr Kez uses in her clinical treatment to treat dislocated biceps, tendonitis, and trochanteric bursitis. It is used to treat torn hamstrings, tennis and golfer's elbow, and rib issues in the middle back. It is brilliant for reducing the inflammatory response, which leads to significant reductions in pain. So if you've hurt something, whether it's a sprained ankle, sore shoulder, bursitis in the knee, frozen shoulder, or even generalised arthritic joints, then this is the device for you.  The ultrasound is really easy to use at home to speed up your recovery and get your back doing what you love.  Our device has three settings, the most commonly used is the pulsed setting:
  • The pulsed setting, which is perfect for inflammatory conditions since it surges on and off, giving your body a chance to respond to the sound wave stimulation. Many people assumed that the pulsed setting meant that it would vibrate and you could feel it, but that is not the case.  It’s simply a sound wave device.  This setting surges the sound waves on and off, but given they are outside of the range of human hearing, we can't hear them either.  It's like a surge of energy that enters the body and accelerates healing.  As a result, it stimulates blood flow there, pushing out all of the inflammation. It is designed to promote healing. When something is torn, the two ends are encouraged to knit together. This is just great. And you don't have to go to your chiropractor or physiotherapist to get it done. It's something you can do at home.  If you're seeing a health practitioner, you can do this in between your visits to speed up your recovery time and save you some money on extra treatments. 
  • Inside the package is a little pamphlet that explains what settings to use for different sorts of conditions, including acne, arthritis, fat blasting and more. 



Note - First, apply the gel. The ultrasound emits sound waves, so you need the gel to transmit the high frequency sound from that treatment head, which is the silver component, through the skin, deep down to where your body needs it most. So this is a conducting gel that transmits sound through your flesh. There is fluid inside your body once it enters there, it conducts quite effectively, but you must use the gel to transmit it from the dry environment of the treatment head and skin so that it can penetrate to the inside of your body.  If you really want to ramp up your healing, then use it with either the Kirofix injury relief lotion or the trauma relief cream.  The ultrasound sound waves will then drive the active ingredients of either of these two products, deep under the surface to where they are going to do the most benefit.


06:23 - Questions answered during live Session –

Is the ultrasound good for arthritis, inflamed areas and would it be okay to use on animals?

  • Would this help with severe arthritis pain on the top of my foot. It’s so painful I can’t walk or put on shoes or socks and Panadol Osteo® or Tramadol® don’t even touch the pain.
  • I have golfers elbow (not from golf). Would you expect the ultrasound to help repair it?
  • I have had a full knee replacement can I use it on this?
  • Does this help fluid retention in feet and ankles?
  • Hi from Ireland, will it work on rotator cuff tear, & is it compatible with Irish electric power?
  • Would this be good for the cartilage in your wrist between the two bones? I’ve had pain for 4 weeks now or better to go see my Chiro? I’m currently seeing a hand therapist
  • Hello, how would you recommend I use the ultrasound device to try to heal bursitis and alleviate osteoarthritis in my right hip?
  • Would this help with an old dislocated shoulder injury that has just not healed properly? It’s always difficult to sleep on that shoulder since, and it does hurt from time to time?


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