Why Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion is better than the common off-the shelf Chemist creams and lotions. - Dr Kez Chirolab

Why Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion is better than the common off-the shelf Chemist creams and lotions.

Let me introduce you to our famous Kirofix® Injury Relief lotion and what makes it a must have for treating ailments at home.  Keep in mind the active ingredients of Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion, that we are about to share, are the same as Trauma Relief Cream.  Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion, is our large pump bottle version, which loves to live on the bathroom vanity, whereas Trauma Relief Cream is the portable tub that can be left in the car, sports bag, handbag, etc. so that it can be used as soon as an injury occurs.  

These two products are in their element with any type of injury; like sprains, strains, bumps, bruises, muscle aches, cramps and tears, ligament or tendon damage, bursitis, tendonitis, articular cartilage issues, joint pain, arthritis, aches and for both acute and chronic inflammation.  This is Dr Kez’s go to  product in clinical practice for a whole myriad of ailments and conditions.  

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Let’s got through the active ingredients that give this lotion its powerful qualities 💪 

Magnesium flakes muscle aches, pains and cramps

Magnesium - is one of the essential minerals required for the release of muscular contractions.  Without magnesium the muscle remains in a contracted state, causing a lack of blood circulation, causing an accumulation of lactic acid (a waste product of muscular movement). Over time this can be experienced as tight and sore muscles and may even lead to cramps.  Clinical experience has taught us that this constant state of tension that a muscle devoid of magnesium experiences, can massively increase the chance of injury to the surrounding joint, especially during exercise, and also lead to a higher chance of arthritis.  Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion and Trauma Relief Cream has an extremely high percentage of magnesium, as we know that muscular tension is the leading cause of musculoskeletal conditions.  Apart from the high percentage of magnesium, Kirofix® also has ingredients that enhance skin penetration, so when applied to the injured area topically, it allows for the maximum absorption, directly where it is need most.

Glucosamine cartilage repair, tendon ligament meniscus articular cartilage synovial fluid joint repair

Glucosamine - joint health is also a significant contributing factor to musculoskeletal conditions, and with so many of us walking around with tight muscles jamming our bones together, resulting in deterioration of the joints, this absolutely had to be a priority in our active ingredients in Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion and Trauma Relief Cream.  While the magnesium takes care of the muscles and soft tissues, glucosamine takes care of the joints themselves more specifically.  Glucosamine is a precursor to the ligaments, tendons, capsules, meniscus, cartilage and synovial fluid that are found in and surrounding our joints.  With everyday wear and tear on our joints these soft tissues need to be repaired and regenerated.  Glucosamine provides the building blocks our body requires to do exactly that.  A perfect compliment to our injury relief lotion.

Arnica montana flower herbal medicine bruising inflammation muscle pain soft tissue repair

Arnica - has such a wide range of beneficial effects when used topically, that we just had to include a massive amount of it in our lotion and cream.  Benefits include assisting the body to heal from bruising, sprains, strains, aches, joint pain, muscle soreness, inflammation and even the swelling that occurs around broken or bruised bones.   Arnica has the unique ability of stimulating the body’s immune system to take action, which is the primary bodily system of healing an acute injury. When an injury occurs cells become damaged and release arachidonic acid which triggers an immune response that initiates the healing process.  At first to prevent infection and then later to remove the damaged cells and start the repair process.  Over time, if the right building blocks for repair aren’t present the body stops focusing its attention on that area and the ailment becomes chronic.  Arnica being present in large doses in Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion and Trauma Relief Cream has the effect of reminding the body of the ailment and demanding the ailment be addressed in a timely manner.   

Yarrow analgesic anti inflammatory pain relief

Yarrow - the benefits of this herb are three-fold when it comes to assisting our body to heal.  Contains flavonoids such as ruin and quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects.  In herbal medicine terminology, yarrow is known as “amphoteric”, which means it works in seemingly contradictory ways to assist the body with healing.  Achilleine, an alkaloid found in yarrow, which has blood coagulation properties, makes it extremely useful in acute conditions where bleeding and bruising has occurred. With acute injuries, yarrow works to reduce bleeding into the area, following the acute damage that would happen with trauma, like a contusion or sprained ankle for example, to prevent the condition worsening due to excess blood flowing into the joint or soft tissues from the vessels damaged in the injury.  Whereas during the later phases of healing, it has the ability to increase the blood circulation which is necessary for the repair and regeneration phase, where the healing cells are required at the site of injury.  Incredible really! 😳 How does it do that??  Who knows!?!? 🤷‍♀️ Thank goodness for nature I say!

The third property of yarrow that made it a must inclusion in our Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion and Trauma Relief Cream is its analgesic effects when used topically.  The reality is when we suffer from an ailment, there is always an element of pain that goes with it.  Yarrow helps with eliminating some of the pain of an injury so that our body can focus its energy on the healing phase. 


The inclusion of 6 Powerful Essential Oils

We have strategically chosen 6 pure essential oils further enhances the powerful healing properties of Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion and Trauma Relief Cream.

Bergamot nerve pain muscles sprains and strains muscle spasms

Bergamot has been included predominantly as an analgesic, to help reduce the pain of injuries.  It has the unique ability to stimulate the secretion of hormones that lessen the sensitivity of damaged nerves to pain.  It’s impact on the nervous system doesn’t end there, as it has a relaxing effect on the nerves and muscles helping to prevent cramps, convulsions and painful muscles twitches and spasms.  A great addition for acute and chronic conditions, as the nervous system is inevitably involved in injuries.  Bergamot also has the added benefit of being an anti-inflammatory to further promote the healing process,



Clary sage anti inflammatory spasmodic aches and pains muscle spasms relaxes nerves Dr Kez ChiroLab Kirofix® injury relief lotion trauma relief cream

Clary Sage is another incredible tonic for the nervous system, assisting with reducing tremors and muscles spasms which, if left unattended, not only lead to greater pain but limit healing as the muscles are pulling on the area that is needing to be repaired.  Clary Sage also boasts anti-inflammatory properties, further necessitating its inclusion in our Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion and Trauma Relief Cream


Ginger Dr Kez chiroLab Kirofix® injury relief lotion trauma relief cream anti inflammatory muscle aches pain swelling mobility prostaglandins

Ginger has a unique effect on the body, resulting in prostaglandins being released, which significantly reduce pain.  Encouraging the body to release prostaglandins also affects the blood flow to the injured areas encouraging the arrival of the immune cells that initiate healing.  Along with its ability to reduce pain, ginger also has an anti-inflammatory response and promotes warmth in the surrounding musculature, which result in an increased mobility in the local joints.


Kunzea Dr Kez Chirolab Kirofix® injury relief lotion trauma relief cream muscle tightness relieves pain arthritis astringent

Kunzea is a little Aussie secret powerhouse and has been included for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to reduce muscle tightness aches and pains and assist with arthritis pain relief.  For the remarkable story on how this incredible Aussie grown powerhouse was discovered, click here.




Lemongrass Dr Kez Chirolab Kirofix® injury relief lotion trauma relief cream aches pain anti inflammatory inflammation muscle joints astringent

Lemongrass has been included in Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion and Trauma Relief Cream for its anti-inflammatory benefits, its pain relief effects and its unique astringent qualities, which draws excess fluid out of the local injured area.  When damage occurs in an area, like an ankle sprain, the damaged cells accumulate in the local surrounding tissues, waiting to be cleared by the lymphatic system.  If they remain there for too long, the excess swelling significantly slows down the body’s ability to fully heal damaged ligaments, tendons and muscles. A must include essential oil 👍 


Vetiver Dr Kez Chirolab Kirofix® injury relief lotion trauma relief cream anti inflammatory arthritis swelling joints muscle pain circulation nervous system

Vetiver has been chosen as a bit of an all-rounder.   It has a positive influence on the circulatory system as well as the nervous system.  This provides its anti-inflammatory qualities as well as analgesic, or pain relieving properties.   By helping to reduce muscle pain and joint swelling Vetiver dramatically aids the healing and repair process.



Highest percentage of active ingredients possible

For 10 years we tested varying percentages of each of these incredible active ingredients on our patients, to get the fastest and best results clinically possible.  Our patients were extremely happy with the results and once we made these products available to the general public, the feedback from our community has been incredible.  One thing we can tell you, is once we got the percentages of the active ingredients exactly how we wanted them, like the perfect baking recipe  👩‍🍳, we then went to a manufacturer to have them produced in larger quantities, as Em’s arm got tired mixing such large batches.  That’s where her bicep guns came from (only kidding 😉).  Once with the manufacturer we asked them to increase the active ingredients to the absolute maximum possible.  This was done over a period of months to ensure that the cream would remain intact.  Too much liquid active ingredients in a cream base, will cause the solid and liquid components to separate.  We literally got them to pump in as much active ingredient as is chemically possible before separation occurred.  In looking at other companies products, we can confidently say that we have more active ingredients in our lotions and creams than any others on the market that we have researched.  We are extremely proud of this fact, because we want our consumers to get quick, long lasting results.

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Along with these wonderful active ingredients, we have included pure Aloe Vera in Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion and Trauma Relief Cream, as well as our Bone Aid Relief Cream and Heativate® Relief Cream, as this amazing plant has the unique ability to draw the active ingredients deep into the skin to where we need them to take action.  So not only do our creams and lotions have the highest possible percentage of active ingredients, but the inclusion of Aloe Vera, means that these ingredients are assisted into getting underneath the skin, where they can work their magic 🪄 


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