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What are your shipping options?
We ship exclusively with AusPost and you can choose Standard or Express Post options. All Standard and Express Shipping orders within Australia are shipped with AusPost as we find them the most reliable carrier and they're also committed to a sustainable future with carbon neutral delivery. 
Do you offer express shipping?
We certainly do! Just choose the Express Post option at checkout. 

Do you have free shipping?
Yes!  We provide free standard shipping on all orders over $100, shipped within Australia.

Can I ship to a different address?
Absolutely! You can change the shipping address at checkout to a different address. 

Can I ship to 2 different addresses from the same order?
No, orders can’t be split to ship to 2 different addresses. If you need items to go to different addresses, two orders will need to be placed.

Can I change my shipping address?
If your order hasn't shipped we can definitely change your address.  Once the order has shipped we are unable to have your order redirected. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Standard post takes approx. 7-14 business days and Express Post takes approx. 2-3 business days, depending on your postcode. These guidelines are determined by AusPost. 

When will my order ship?
All orders typically ship within 1-2 business days from Greensborough, Victoria.

Who do you use to ship your orders?
We use AusPost exclusively as we have found through experience that they are the fastest and most reliable. That's the biggest thing for us…we want you to get your orders fast and safely!

Do I get a tracking link?
Yes…where would we be these days without tracking! You should receive an email once your order has shipped along with the tracking info so you can follow the journey. 

My tracking shows delivered but I have not received it. What do I do?
If your order tracking link is showing delivered and it's nowhere to be seen, please contact us so we can find out from AusPost where it may be. Sometimes they leave things in unusual places! Most often, there are delivery images we can ask them for. 

Do you have a Click and Collect service?
We currently don’t offer a Click and Collect option but you are welcome to purchase items from our Chiro Clinic, located in Watsonia, VIC. Just contact us to find out trading hours.

Do you ship overseas?
Currently, the store isn’t set up for automated overseas shipping.  If you live outside Australia and would like to purchase from us please contact us and we can organise an order for you.

Do you use sustainable packaging?
We try our absolute best to use sustainable options at every opportunity. We ship using recyclable cardboard shipping boxes with paper or recyclable tape and any fill is recyclable and environmentally friendly.



    I need to change my order!
    No worries!  If you need to make a change to your order or want to add another product just email us.  If the order hasn’t shipped we'll be able to help fill your request as best as we can.  If the order has shipped then, unfortunately, we are unable to help.

    Can I cancel my order once it’s been placed?
    If your order hasn’t been shipped and you need to cancel, contact us asap as we can do this for you and refund the payment. If the order has shipped you will need to return it in new condition for a refund to be applied as we are unable to redirect mail once it has shipped.

    What do I do if I have a defective order?
    Definitely contact us if you have any issues or trouble with your order. We do our best to keep all of our amazing customers happy and will try and solve any issues to the best of our ability.


      What is the return policy?
      If you need to return an item please contact us so we can help. To read the Returns Policy click the link: https://drkezchirolab.com/policies/refund-policy

      How do I make a return or exchange?
      If you need to exchange an item, contact us for details or read the above Returns Policy.

      When can I expect my refund?
      If you have returned something for exchange or refund (excluding faulty items) the refund will be issued when the item has been returned and is in new condition. 

      How are refunds returned?
      Your refund will be paid the same way you made your payment. For example, if you have used PayPal as your method of payment then the return goes back into your PayPal account. 


        Can I pay with PayPal?

        Do you have AfterPay?
        Yes, we have Afterpay, Zip Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay and Credit/Debit Card options. 

        Is your checkout secure?
        Our checkout is definitely secure and you can choose your preferred method of payment at checkout. 


          How do I contact you?
          Easy! Contact Dr Kez Chirolab via email on this page: https://drkezchirolab.com/pages/contact-us

          Where are you located?
          Dr Kez Chirolab® is an online business but we have a Chiropractic Clinic called Life Balance Adjustments where Dr Kez works her magic, located in Watsonia Victoria. We sell all the Dr Kez Chirolab® products at the clinic so feel free to contact us to find out the clinic hours and pop in to check them out! https://drkezchirolab.com/pages/life-balance-adjustments-chiropractic-clinic



            PRODUCT FAQ



            Are your creams Australian made?
            Yes! Our Dr Kez Chirolab® range of creams and lotions are made in Australia and we are very proud of them!

            Why not put all the ingredients into one cream?
            A great question! The main reason we didn't put all the active ingredients into one cream is that we would've had to lower the quantity of each active ingredient to retain the stability of the cream so it didn't end up looking like scrambled eggs! We wanted each cream to have the largest amount of active ingredients possible to get the most benefit out of each one.  If we had all the active ingredients in one cream we would've had to lower the quantity of each one. We didn't just want to put a little bit to be able to say it's in there.  We want to be able to honestly say that they are JAM PACKED!! All the good stuff for max benefit. 

            What are the main active ingredients in your creams?
            We have chosen the best of the best! Arnica, Magnesium, Glucosamine, Yarrow, Kunzea, Comfrey, Aloe Vera, Ginger, Clary Sage, Capsaicin, Bergamot, Black Pepper…the list goes on and on! Check out each product page to find out specifically what each cream contains. It's all amazing! https://drkezchirolab.com/collections/chirolab-collection

            How do Kirofix® and Trauma Relief Cream differ from Fisiocrem and Voltaren?
            Kirofix® and Trauma Relief Cream are 100% natural and are jam-packed with more active ingredients, aimed at getting a better result. Each active ingredient has been specifically chosen for its healing properties and each one has a slightly different benefit.  Helping heal from all angles! Kirofix® and Trauma Relief Cream is a natural alternative to Voltaren due to the high quantity of Arnica, renowned for treating swelling, bruising, and inflammation. Voltaren is synthetically made and may have adverse side effects. 

            Are Kirofox® and Trauma Relief Cream the same thing?
            Yes, they are and it's only by accident! Dr Kez created Trauma Relief Cream many years ago and has been using it on her patients with amazing results.  Once we decided to bravely venture out into the online world (thanks to the many Melbourne lockdowns) we were continually asked for a larger version so we thought it was a good idea to come up with a cool and unique name. Kirofix® was born! But…we still had Trauma Relief Cream available and as it's been known by patients for over 10 years, it kind of stuck! So, 2 creams with 2 names but the same AMAZING results! Sorry about the confusion!

            Do your creams have Kunzea?
            Yes, what an amazing ingredient this is!  We have Kunzea in Kirofix® Injury Relief Lotion and Trauma Relief Cream. We have also added plenty more active ingredients to give the creams the best therapeutic benefits possible. We feel that only using a single active ingredient in each cream doesn’t give it the edge needed for helping faster healing.

            Is Heativate® like Deep Heat?
            While both Heativate® and Deep Heat have a heating component, Deep Heat is a counterirritant that makes your skin ‘feel’ hot to distract you from feeling discomfort, whereas Heativate® gets down deeper (with the handy help of Aloe Vera to open up the pores) to help maximise blood flow to help the healing process.  The hotter your body temperature is, the hotter Heativate® feels and it can last all day! One application can last and last.

            Does Bone Aid Relief Cream help with nerve pain?
            Yes, it certainly may help nerve pain, and this was an accidental finding! We received a huge amount of feedback letting us know that Bone Aid Cream had been amazing for helping neuropathy. An absolutely amazing extra benefit.

            Does Bone Aid Relief Cream help with wrinkles?
            Yes! Another accidental finding! We were sent some astounding pics of a customer who showed her sun spots faded and her skin looking smooth and noticeably less wrinkled.  We think it is due to the Yarrow which acts as an astringent to help clean and tighten pores as well as Comfrey which helps with speeding healing, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, helping keep skin supple and soft and free from bacteria that can lead to breakouts. Who would have thought? Accidentally Anti-Wrinkle Bone Aid Relief Cream!


              Why can’t I hear anything from my ultrasound?
              The Therapeutic Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound wave device that is beyond the realm of human hearing (and your furry friends too!) so you can't actually hear or feel the unit vibrating. If you hold it up to your ear you may hear a slight noise but it's nothing like a TENS machine that has an obvious intense buzzing and tingling feeling. Towards the end of the treatment, you may feel a slight warming of the treatment area due to the increased blood flow, depending on how damaged the area is, and this is normal. Generally, the device doesn’t create heat through the device itself. (Remember to unplug the device after use as the device can feel warm if it is left plugged in as it still draws power.)

              Do I need to use the conductive gel with a therapeutic ultrasound?
              Using Conductive Gel is an ABSOLUTE MUST when using the Therapeutic Ultrasound.  Without the gel, the sound waves are unable to penetrate through the skin’s surface. It has to be a conductive gel so always check you have the correct type. We sell 250ml Conductive Gels for when you need more https://drkezchirolab.com/products/conductive-gel-for-therapeutic-ultrasound

              Is the Therapeutic Ultrasound a battery-operated device?
              No, the Therapeutic Ultrasound isn’t battery-operated. It's a pretty powerful device so if it were battery operated it would need charging all the time. A little inconvenient if you need to use it straight away after sustaining an injury! 

              What can I use a therapeutic ultrasound for?
              A therapeutic Ultrasound can be used anywhere you have ailments, inflammation, injury and pain. It helps with the reduction of inflammation and the increase of blood flow which can help expedite the healing process.  For contraindications check out the page.

              Do I need to be trained to use the Therapeutic Ultrasound?
              Not at all!  We have many videos on how to use the Therapeutic Ultrasound (one on the product page as well as on Facebook and YouTube) and it’s a very simple device to use. In fact, our kids have used it to treat themselves when they have sustained basketball injuries!

              Should I use a TENS machine or a Therapeutic Ultrasound?
              Simply put, a TENS machine is a ‘Band-Aid’ for the pain whereas a Therapeutic Ultrasound helps to treat the injury with the aim of expediting recovery time. Each device can have a place in your recovery.  The TENS is used to help distract you from pain as the brain can only sense one stimulus at a time in the area.  The intention of the TENS is to feel the vibrations over the discomfort of the injury.  The Therapeutic Ultrasound is aimed at the healing capabilities the sound waves bring to the area to help heal faster. Use the TENS when you need to get through the day if the pain is too much to handle and use the Therapeutic Ultrasound to treat the area.

              We have a dedicated FAQ section on the Therapeutic Ultrasound page.
              For any other questions: https://drkezchirolab.com/collections/best-selling-collection/products/sports-injuries-therapeutic-ultrasound

                VACUUM CUPPING

                What can I use a Vacuum Cupping set for?
                A Vacuum Cupping set can be used to release tension and help break up tight muscles. This can help you to achieve better body movement as the muscles can move independently of each other. It can also be used to detox, help rid the body of excess fluid buildup, ease jaw tightness and help alleviate headaches. 

                Can I use a cupping set on other areas of my body?
                Absolutely! The Vacuum Cupping Set can be used on many different parts of the body including the back, quads, tight calf muscles, shoulders, neck, feet, even the jawline!

                Can I do cupping on myself? 
                Cupping yourself is a great way to gauge the amount of pressure you want.  Its always nice to have someone do a cupping sesh on you but if you don't have anyone top help, it comes with an extension tube to make accessing the body even easier. 

                Is it safe to do cupping at home?
                Cupping is safe to do at home as you can easily determine the amount of suction used with the hand-help pump and releasing the pressure is simple and fast.  It is not a fire cupping set so it is safe to use at home. If you are cupping someone else, always ask for their feedback and be guided by how they are feeling. 

                Does the Vacuum Cupping Set come with an oil?
                We have created and included the Restore Massage Oil by using 100% natural therapeutic ingredients, including Arnica, to get the most out of your cupping treatment. And it smells amazing! Oils ain’t oils!

                Do I need to oil the skin when cupping?
                For best results when using a Vacuum Cupping Set, it’s advisable to use the oil provided in the set.  Using the oil helps the skin to be drawn up into the cup, creating better suction which prevents the cups from loosening. 

                Do you sell a larger Cupping oil?
                Absolutely! We have the Restore Oil, also great for massage, in a 100ml bottle. https://drkezchirolab.com/products/restore-massage-oil-for-vacuum-cupping-and-massage

                What is slide cupping?
                Slide cupping is where you use a smaller amount of suction and use the cup to slide it across the skin in a sweeping motion, back and forth. To achieve optimal results with this technique, you need to use a larger amount of oil so the cups slide smoothly across the skin and retain suction was the same time. It’s another great technique for loosening and easing muscle tension.

                My handle seems to be ‘stuck’ when I'm trying to pump. Why?
                If your set is new, you need to release the little yellow valve at the top of each cup before the first use.  This will allow the air to flow through the valve and allow the skin to be sucked up.  If the valve is pushed down into the cup, the handle won't pump and will feel stuck.  Just gently pull the yellow valve up so it loosens and this should fix the issue.  It only needs to be done when you first get your set. 

                  TENS MACHINE

                  What is a TENS machine?
                  A TENS machine (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) aids pain management by stimulating nerves to modify pain perception. Our brain cannot perceive two stimuli from the same location, so where your body was once feeling pain, you will now feel the TENS tingle instead. 

                  What are the 4 modes on the Dr Kez Chirolab TENS Machine?
                  The Dr Kez Chirolab TENS machine is a bit spesh because it has 4 modes and one of them is a little rare! Russian Stimulation Mode is what sets our TENS machine apart from others.  The 4 modes are TENS, Interferential, EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) & Russian Stimulation. If you want to read more specifically about these modes its all on the page https://drkezchirolab.com/collections/best-selling-collection/products/chronic-pain-treatment-tens-machine

                  How long can I use a TENS machine for?
                  The TENS machine has a timer so you can set it to your own preference and it turns off on its own. It also has a locking capability so you don't accidentally knock it while you are moving around. You can use it all day if you need to. Just reset the timer when it has completed to start a new cycle.

                  Is the TENS machine battery operated?
                  Yes, there TENS machine is battery operated and can be placed in your pocket easily to allow you to move freely throughout the day so you can get done what needs doing!

                  Is the TENS Machine rechargeable?
                  The TENS machine comes with a rechargeable battery and USB charging cord so you never have to buy batteries again. Win!

                  Does the TENS machine come with pads?
                  Yes, the TENS machine comes with 4 pads (2 pads per lead).

                  Can I buy extra TENS pads?
                  Yes, you can purchase replacement pads when needed here: https://drkezchirolab.com/products/extra-pads-for-tens-machine 

                    ACUPRESSURE MAT

                    What does an acupressure mat do?
                    The Dr Kez Chirolab® Acupressure Mat has therapeutic spikes that work to stimulate acupressure points throughout the body and increase blood flow and after only a few minutes you'll feel the tension melt away and relaxation take over. Great for helping increase circulation throughout your body to help with any ailments, body aches and pains that need a little extra help for healing. 

                    Can I sleep on an Acupressure Mat?
                    Absolutely! Many of our customers let us know that they sleep on their Acupressure Mats throughout the night. It's up to you really! 10 minutes or all night, take your pick.

                    How long should I stay on an acupressure mat?
                    If you are after a quick stimulation, laying on the Acupressure Mat for 10 minutes to increase the blood flow and release endorphins is a great way to beat that 3 pm slump feeling. If you're after a total relaxation sesh we recommend around 40 minutes. Create a nice relaxing space and close your eyes and let the mat do amazing things to your meridians, let the body and mind relax, increase the blood flow throughout and feel the aches and pains ease.

                    Should I lay naked on an acupressure mat?
                    For best results, we definitely recommend laying on an Acupressure Mat with no clothes on.  Nudie all the way! This will allow the spikes to stimulate the skin more intensely but if you're not feeling like you want to go all out at the beginning, wearing light clothing or a sheet over the top of the mat will reduce the intensity of the spikes and still feel great.  Laying the Acupressure Mat on a hared surface will intensify the feeling while laying on a softer cir face such as a bed, will reduce the intensity.

                    What is the inner fibre of your Acupressure Mat made of?
                    We have chosen to use coconut fibre as the inner core as it promotes air flow, ensures a more even pressure over the entire body with a firmer feel, is from a sustainable source, therefore, more environmentally friendly, more durable so it lasts longer and naturally repels odour and microbes. Some mats (not ours) are made of foam so buyer beware!

                    Does the Acupressure Mat come with a pillow?
                    Our Dr Kez Chirolab® Acupressure Mats are sold as a set so the D-shaped pillow is included with the mat.  

                    Can I buy an Acupressure Pillow separately?
                    Yes, we sell the D-shape Acupressure Pillows separately if you need another one for lumbar support or if you have previously purchased an Acupressure Mat from somewhere that didn't come with a pillow. CLICK HERE! 

                    Are Acupressure Mats safe for kids?
                    OMG yes! The Acupressure Mat is amazing for kids! Especially great to help calm an overactive mind at the end of the day. 

                    Can I stand on my Acupressure Mat?
                    Standing on an Acupressure Mat stimulates the meridians in the feet, increases the blood flow and may help alleviate tired and achy feet at the end of a long day standing.  It's a bit ouchy at first but after only a few moments you may feel your feet slightly heat up as the blood flow rushes to the area and then it's total relief!  

                    Can an acupressure mat help with back pain?
                    Yes! The Dr Kez Acupressure Mat can be used to help alleviate back pain by increasing the blood flow and allowing the muscles to relax.  This may help open up the spine to allow the blood to flow into the areas needing a little help to heal.  Blood flow is crucial for healing so this is a great option for back pain.

                    Are Acupressure Mats good for relieving a migraine or headache?
                    We are very happy to be able to say that the Acupressure Mat and Pillow set is a great option to help relieve a headache or migraine. The D-shaped pillow under the neck helps draw the blood flow up into the neck and head area which helps relieve symptoms.  We have created a more specific headache and migraine Acupressure HAT that has spikes covering the head to maximise blood flow to help ease symptoms so if you are needing a specified headache and migraine option we urge you to check it out HERE as no one deserves to deal with ongoing headaches and migraines. 

                    Can I wash my Acupressure Mat?
                    The inner coconut fibre can be taken out and you can hand wash the mat cover with cold water.